Classes are coming along nicely

Last night was my spinning class and there was a new student.  Brandy has spun before, but she was self taught and wanted to know more.  By the end of the two hours, she had spun, using the long-draw technique, a bobbin full and learned how to Navajo ply it into a great, chunky-weight yarn.  She was pleasantly surprised at how much she had accomplished in such a short time.

Brenda also worked on long draw, and Debbie worked on Navaho plying for the first time.  Caeli did a cable ply and next time wants to learn long draw.

I really enjoy these evenings.  The concentration and the hum of the wheels are pretty heady for me.  And, last night was the first time I had no drop spindles in the class – all four students had wheels.

The beginning sock knitting class starts next Monday night and runs for three consecutive Mondays.  There is a maximum of six students in this class and there is still one spot open.  If you are interested, please contact Starstruck Cat Studio.

The only other news I have is that I am ready to start the heel flap on the second of my SIL’s socks and I am finalizing the sock design pattern for publication.  As my Mom would say “Lord willing and the creek don’t rise” I’ll have it ready by the end of this week.  I am so stinking excited I can hardly stand it, but I want it to be just right before I release it.


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  1. Cheryl Says:

    I wish I could join your spinning class. I know I could learn so much from you. Sounds like lots of fun too.

  2. roxie Says:

    You accomplish more in a week than I got done last month. And I do wish I could join you for classes. What fun you must be!

  3. Cindy in FL Says:

    Hooray! So many good things going on now…..keep feeling better and you will be up the the proper Benita-speed in no time!

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