Madder Gradation Shawl

I’ve mentioned my madder gradation shawl in previous posts. I’ve even shown you samples of the Shetland yarn I dyed for it, but I have yet to show it to you. Here I will rememdy that.

The pattern for this is the Prairie Shawl pattern out of Folk Shawls by Cherly Oberle. It’s a very simple pattern, but I wanted to showcase the subtle gradation in the color of the shawl rather than a particular knitted pattern. Also, it’s a great project to work on when I’m tired and don’t feel like concentrating very hard.

I’m about half-way through the current ball of yarn, and have 10 more to knit before it is finished. I am really enjoying this project just watching the color shift as I go from one ball of yarn to the next.

Once I get this and the library shawl projects done, I am going to sit down and knit a swatch for a sweater vest I want to do out of some of my other naturally dyed Shetland yarns. I’m thinking randomly knitted stripes at this point, but, we’ll see what it ends up looking like once I go through some pattern books.

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