“Blues” Festival – Day Two

The second day started off, for me, pretty much like the first day, by getting the fires started.  The morning was peaceful, although I did get an answering “hello” clucked to me from the chickens as I pass their area to turn on the water for the hose.  And I want to thank Ann Rockwell for coming early and helping me with the fires and hauling wood.

Everyone had placed their solution containers in the pool house over night to keep dogs and other critters out of them.

And lids covered the pots from the previous day, all awaiting to be claimed and started for another day of dyeing.  Sunday was the day where people could bring whatever they wanted to dye and I could hardly wait to see what they brought.

Notes were read and strategies were planned out.

And the day began.

Of course, everyone had to reheat their pots up to the right temperature, restock them and get them re-reduced, but once they did, off they went!

The wide variety of items dyed was fun and amazing.  This basket was woven by Angel, and she brought it to see what it would look like blue.  The dark purple stripes had begun as a red purple, and if you notice around the top, the seagrass part really didn’t take color at all.  Very nice!!

Everyone kept pretty busy and Nancy commented once that it was “terribly quiet.”  That was how hard people were working and concentrating.

On Saturday, Susan had showed her husband, Mike, what happens when you dye something in indigo.  On Sunday afternoon, he came out of the house with a T-shirt that was a beigish-tan and wanted to know if it could be dyed.  On went the gloves and off he went.

It’s hard to tell it, but Mike was grinning widely.

He let it soak for a couple of minutes, then pulled it out to squeeze out the excess liquid.

Then he opened it out to let the oxygen get to it.

He loved it!  He had not been fond of the old color, and getting an indigo blue shirt really made him happy.

I think this will be a shirt he will wear proudly for a long time to come.

I can’t remember whose this was, but they folded it and put a plastic clamp on it.  Gotta love tie-dye!

Kate had brought this piece of Dupioni silk fabric to dye so she could make a skirt out of it.

Dyeing roving was easy, getting it straightened out while wet was not so easy.  Poor Eran had quite a tangle on her hands for a while.

Ann had bought this skein of Churro singles while on vacation in New Mexico, and, while there, she thought it was a great yellow.  Once she got it home, though, she decided that she did not like it, so she brought it to over dye.

This is what it looked like wet and oxidized.

And this is what it looked like once it had dried.  I agreed with Ann, a much nicer color than the mustard yellow had been.

Since Susan owns The Trading Post for Fiber Arts, she kept going back to the shop for more things to dye.

The yarns in the foreground are destined to be woven into dishtowels and are all dyed from organic, naturally colored cotton from Fox Fibre.

Getting toward the end of the day, people began to run out of things to stick in a dye pot.  One lady had been wearing a white, lacy hat to keep the sun off her head.  Next thing we know,…

…there it was blue.  What a fun day!!!

Since I was so busy working the fires, Cynthia dyed a piece of light gray, CVM roving that Nancy had brought for me.  I’m thinking that when I get this spun, I want to knit a square of some open, lacy pattern and frame it against a white or very pale blue fabric background – or something like that.  Isn’t it lovely?

Once again, we had a very hot day, but with rain in the forecast the beginning of this week, it was more humid and there was less chance for a breeze.  During lunch several of us gathered around the pool.

While Eran swam laps,…

…several of us dangled hot feet into the pool water to cool them off.  Goodness that felt good!

Although, I might have thought to put some sunscreen on them first, eh?

Susan was lovely enough to purchase a kit of dye materials, some of Nancy’s yarn from her CVM sheep and a folder of instructions for me for helping out.  Nancy does her vats differently from mine, so I want to try it her way, as I might like it better than how I have been doing it.

Sandy and I have an indigo dye day planned for the end of the month, and just wait until we get to play that day.  This past weekend has just confirmed how much fun indigo is to do.

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  1. Cindy in FL Says:

    You are right-what a great dye day!
    I like the yarns and roving but the fabric really turned out great, too!

  2. roxie Says:

    OMG what fun, what fun! If I send you some yarn and some money, will you dye it for me and send it back?

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