Catch up and Take Off

It was another productive weekend, but especially yesterday.  I now have all of the tie-dyed items washed out and pressed.  I stood at the steam press for hours yesterday, but everything looks nicely finished and ready to sell.  And I got about a third of everything priced and entered into the inventory spreadsheet.  Whew!  I hope to have everything priced and packed away by the end of the week so I can finish getting everything ready for the students at the natural dye workshop on the 12th.

And, now with tax season behind me and my morning walking partner off at her new job, I started arriving at Push for Women at 6:00 AM to get my cardio workout in.  By 7:00 this morning, I had in over 6,000 steps for the day already.  On Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights, I will go back after work and concentrate on strength training.  I think that most days I will have my 10,000 steps in with little extra effort.

All-in-all, I weighed about the same this morning as at the first of the year, so, with my new schedule, I hope to see a minimum of a pound on average weight loss per week, although I’d like to see two pounds lost per week.  Let’s see how it works for me.  I weighed 161 this morning.  By next Monday, I would love to see the scales come in under 160.  Below 159 would be even better, but I’m not out to kill myself.

Here’s to the beginning of a new and busy week!

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  1. Cindy in FL Says:

    Nice to be successful on several fronts! Good work!

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