Lovely St. Patty’s Day

Spring has definitely sprung here in central Indiana and the groundhog was wrong this year – thank heavens!  Saturday morning, I decided to take a walk before Sandy arrived for a day of tie-dyeing and I took my camera with me to see if I could capture what spring looks like here.

To start, the grass is greening up nicely and the dew was quite heavy on it.  By the looks of things, I need to get my tractor ready for mowing becuase it’s going to start a month sooner than most years.

Speaking of tractors, several fields around us had activity in them as well.  This is our neighbor working in his field, and later in the day, our own field had a tractor going back and forth in it.  The guys who rent our land are hard workers and were taking advantage of the lovely day.

My daffodils are usually late, but this year they are blooming when everyone else’s are blooming.  When I was a kid, we called these Easter lilies because they seemed to bloom about Easter time, but this year, they beat Easter by nearly a month.

The hawthorn tree is about to burst into bloom and the redbud trees won’t be far behind. 

Even the peonies are beginning to poke up through the soil.  Everything is about a month ahead of season this year and, for once, we are enjoying a real springy-spring.  Usually we go from snow to mow in about a week.  This year, spring has been slowly showing her hand and most of us who expected to be surprised by another round of the white stuff are beginning to believe that spring is here to stay and that Old Man Winter has been thoroughly trounced by Ma Nature.

And it wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day if we didn’t have some clover to show.  In another week, I’ll be taking some of this in to work for a co-worker’s bunny to munch on.

When Sandy got there, we spread some cut up bits of thrums and yarns left over from projects as well as some not-good-enough to use wool for the birds to use in their nest building.  Sandy had put some wool out at her house a couple of weeks ago, and she said she has seen birds taking off with bits of it to line their nests.

Sandy and I then spent most of the day dyeing pink shirts to help support breast cancer research.  10% of the sales from these shirts will be donated for research, which is something near and dear to both of our hearts. 

And my final picture for the day is Pete.  See how much he has grown?  He took to Sandy immediately, although shyer Dylan took some convincing that Sandy was not frightening.  Both are such joys to us.

I hope your St. Patrick’s Day was fun!

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  1. Dave Daniels Says:

    Wow, that Pete has grown a lot! Wow. Not such a little kitten any more, just a BIG kitten!
    It’s amazing that you have more spring out your way than us here along the coast.

  2. Cheryl Says:

    You captured spring in your pictures just perfectly! Looks like it was a beautiful weekend!

    We didn’t have much of a winter and it has been kind of spring-like for a while. But, this last weekend we got a blast of winter. Lots of snow in the local mountains and even the foothills. Plus, lots of rain, wind and cold. We have one more day of it and then it is supposed to warm up to the 70’s for the rest of the week. I can’t wait!

  3. roxie Says:

    Oh, such glorious spring! But better buckle up, buttercup. We have another cold front coming your way.

    Speedy Peetey is getting so BIG! What a handsome boy.

    A friend told me not to put out un-spun wool because the individual hairs can twine around the bird’s toes, cut off circulation, and cripple them. I dunno. Think she was overcautious?

    Hooray for the pink-a-thon!

  4. Cindy in FL Says:

    Yup, your Spring has sprung!!!!

  5. thecrazysheeplady Says:

    Love the grass shot! What a nice day :-).

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