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Can you believe it is August already?  One of my co-workers reminded me that it’ll be Christmas before we know it.  I grumbled at him because when you are a fiber person with a huge list of things you want to make for Christmas gifts, and you’ve not started the first one, yet, the LAST thing you want to be reminded of is that Christmas is less than five months away.

Like most of the rest of the country, we have been sweltering under abnormally high temperatures with very high humidity.  I remember how nice last summer was here in central Indiana, when we had about 1 week above 90 degrees, and the humidity level was low enough to make being outside enjoyable.  Even Scott spent a lot of outdoors last year and he is extremely heat-sensitive.  Not this year, though.

This last week, it was a little cooler (in the upper 80’s as opposed to the 90’s), which made my morning walks bearable, and Saturday, we had a pretty powerful storm come through.  This storm front gave me a migraine, so I slept part of the day and stayed quiet the rest of it. 

Yesterday, Sandy came over and we dyed three T-shirts (one sold, and two as samples for the shop that ordered 20), two pairs of undies (Yup!  We figured why not!), and a canvas tote bag to see how well it would take the dyes.  Tonight, they will be washed out.  I can hardly wait to see how the sample shirts, undies and bag came out.  Keep your fingers crossed for us that they are what we are hoping them to be.  Especially the sample T-shirts as the shop was very particular about the colors and pattern to be used.

Once Sandy and I had the dyeing done for the day, she and I went through about 10 large bags (you know those XXL sized Ziplock bags) that I store my fiber in to keep the moths out.  In fact, all my roving and top are stored in individual ziplock bags within the big ziplock bag so there is double protection.  Within these particular bags, we came up with 39 samples of different fibers (sheep breeds, other animal fibers, cellulose and silk) that we separated out and put into their own small ziplock baggies.  And don’t think these 10 large bags constitute my total fiber collection – Nope, this is about a third of all of it, but the rest is blends and dyed fibers and, therefore, not appropriate for the display.

SWIFT has a new table-top display that we are getting ready for the Indiana State Fair, which starts this coming Friday.  Sandy will deliver it Friday when she goes there to work the SWIFT booth in the Pioneer Our Land Pavilion building.  On it will be a collage of what SWIFT encompasses, a list of state fiber and textile guilds, samples of different fibers, and samples of knitting, spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting, etc.  Also, I am putting together a brochure to pass out to those people interested in joining SWIFT.

If you are going to be at the Indiana State Fair, stop by the SWIFT booth and say hello.  I will be working there from 2 PM until 6 PM on Friday, August 13th and Saturday, August 14th.  Then I will be back on August 15th to take pictures and do a write up about the Sheep to Shawl competitions that will be held in the Opry Barn in the Pioneer Village starting at 10 AM.  There are four youth teams participating this year, so come and cheer on these young fiber artists as they spin and ply the yarn, then weave the yarn into a shawls that will be judged and auctioned off that afternoon.

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  1. Roxie Says:

    I’m having trouble getting a post finished here, so I’ll be brief. Love the avatar’s tie-dye dress. Hooray for fancy panties! Swift is lucky t have you.

    I WISH I could come to the Indiana State Fair. You have a grand time. Did you enter anything into the competitions?

  2. LouAnn Says:

    Going through your stash is a great way to remind you of what you already have on hand!!!! I wish I could see your display!

  3. Cindy in FL Says:

    You are staying busy and the dyeing day sounds like an incredible good time! Have fun at the State Fair and take lots of pics!

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