Colors of April

The weather here in Central Indiana has been lovely lately.  The trees are beginning to bud out and bloom, there are flowers everywhere and the birds are all busy building nests and courting potential mates.

Here are some of the scenes of the season in our neck of the woods.


At the Indianapolis Art Center looking toward White River.


Still at IAC.  The daffodils are beginning to look weary, but…


…the tulips were making up for them.  Aren’t they lovely?


Overall, The Indianapolis Art Center is welcoming spring in with celebration in its heart.

And at home,…


…a long line of peonies are making their presence known.  These are actually on the land next to ours of which we are nearly 50% owners.  I’d love to transplant them, and I tried to, once, but found out there is a lot of poison ivy mixed in and I spent a miserable couple of weeks afterwards.


These are baby sweetpeas that also are on the property next to ours.  These, on the other hand, are destined to be transplanted this weekend, if the weather behaves.  I have a lovely bit of iron work that they would look lovely climbing all over.


One of my two redbud trees that are in bloom.  This tree, like the Hawthorn tree behind it, were just short sticks 15 years ago when I got them from the Arbor Day Foundation.  Unfortunately, the redbud tree just to the left of it died and I need to cut it down and haul it away.  The other blooming redbud is on the other side of the yard next to the driveway.


I wanted to show you my crabapple tree in full, snowy bloom, but it is being stubborn.  See how close it is?  I’ll bet it’ll be all covered with flowers by the time I get home from work tomorrow night.

And speaking of tomorrow night, I’ll be mowing my yard for the first time this year.  It could have been mowed last weekend, but, oh well.  I love mowing this time of year.  I love the smell of the fresh grass, the birds flying past me on their busy ways, the spring breeze and the joy of being outside.

11 Responses

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Wow! The colors have changed a LOT! Very pretty! I especially like the red tulips. 🙂

  2. Leigh Says:

    Fantastic color! Looks like you went from winter greyness right on into full blown spring. Do you do anything with your crabapples, like make jelly!

  3. Roxie Says:

    I could just wallow in your photos! How beautiful it is.

  4. Sharon Says:

    It’s gorgeous and it’s what traditional pictures show us that seasons are supposed to be. I’m not sure how I ended up living in this hard scrabble nook of the world that I call home, but your pictures are wonderful.

  5. Cindy in FL Says:

    Beautiful! The bench in the first photo really called to me!
    So nice to see you have Spring!

  6. Robin Says:

    How pretty. I love, love spring. It’s like a rebirth of everything green.

  7. Laura @ LivingOurWay Says:

    Your pictures are beautiful. I love looking at spring!

  8. Sharon Says:

    Your whole world is a park – it’s so pretty there. I love this exercise and so enjoy seeing the surroundings where everyone lives.

  9. Annie Says:

    Such great colours! My favorite is the redbud tree: lovely!

  10. Life Looms Large Says:

    Beautiful spring pictures!!! Thanks for sharing your colors!

    The peony/poison ivy combination sounds awful….so tempting, but so itchy at the same time!

    I love redbud trees. I’ve been meaning to plant one….maybe this will be my year to do so!


  11. Sara Says:

    The bench in the first photo has my name on it. What a beautiful spot to sit and knit or just be…

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