T-shirt design and contest!

Scott and I have been working together on several T-shirt designs.  This is the first one geared specifically for the fiber community.  These T-shirts will eventually be for sale (in the next couple of months – once we get more done), but I just had to show this one to you and get your opinion on it.

salute you

Scott came up with the quote, I did the preliminary sketch for the look, Scott drew and inked the cartoon, and I colored and lettered it.

To celebrate this first design, I would like to give away two T-shirts (white) to you guys.  All you have to do, between now and midnight Sunday, January 24, 2010, is to put a comment on this post telling me what you think of it, if you are a dyer, and, if so, natural or synthetic dyes.  I will randomly draw two names Monday morning and let you know who won.

I love giving things away and I love being creative – what better way to do both?  Have fun!!!

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  1. Cindy in FL Says:

    I like it-quirky but still patriotic! I love to dye with Jacquard dyes, the natural dyes have been a bit illusive in their results but I haven’t quit on them! Good work, designing duo!

  2. Donna S. Says:

    Just a big blank. Can’t see the shirt.

  3. Donna S. Says:

    Ah, now I see it. Cute. I have done a little dying- mainly natural.

  4. Life Looms Large Says:

    I just realized that I’ve been subscribed to an older (or wrong) version of your blog somehow. Sorry for missing out on so much over here. (I guess the good news is that now I have a lot of your posts to catch up on!)

    This shirt cracks me up. The few times I’ve attempted dyeing (chemical all the way) it does remind me of being a gladiator in many ways – so the sentiment is quite appropriate in a funny way!


  5. Sharon Says:

    That made me laugh out loud! Are you going to sell a decal so we can put it on our own shirts? I don’t wear many of the traditional sized tees. I am a dyer, both acid and natural. Great job you two!!

  6. Diane Fit to the Finish Says:

    I think it’s so wonderful that you made that t-shirt. I knit and have dyed once but I didn’t do a great job! My kids thought it was fun to see me do it though.

  7. Leigh Says:

    What do I think? I think it’s very clever! And very professional looking. Well done you two! Yup, I’m a dyer, mostly synthetic (acid & Procion MX) but also natural too. In fact I hope to do a lot of “Homestead Dyeing” this summer, dyeing with plants that I find around the place.

  8. Barbara Fessler Says:

    LOVE it!!!!

  9. Natalie L. Says:

    Ran across a link to this post elseweb, and I just wanted to thank you for making one of the dyers a fat person! I don’t wear t-shirts with designs, but just knowing that this is out in the world makes me happy, since I so often feel very invisible in the fiber community. Thanks for making me feel a little more visible today.

  10. Janet Says:

    That is one cool T-shirt – or hot might be a more appropriate word. Let me know when you get your website set up for selling the tees.

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