…Go! And we got more on Scott’s Den done.

Today, Scott and I were determined to get the furniture moved into his room.  Also, we had intended to start organizing the closet and moving books onto shelves, but that’s not going to happen today.

So, to start, we cut the last piece of plywood for the mattress support on the bed.


Then I upholstered it with duck cloth to keep it from tearing up the bottom of the new mattress.


We got him a nice, firm, pillow-top Serta mattress.  He’ll sleep very comfortably tonight.

It is cold here in central Indiana – in the 20’s today, and the wind is blowing.  Since we live on the prairie, there is nothing really to stop the wind.  Scott complained about being cold the last two nights, so while we were out getting groceries, we made a couple of extra purchases for his bed.


A quilt, and…


…a comforter.  I am hoping he’ll be good and warm now.  If not, then he’ll have to pile a couple of the old comforters on top for the rest of the coldest part of the winter.


That Sunday we spent all that money at Lowe’s gained us an area rug that is the perfect color and fits the room with just a foot (+/-) on all four sides to spare.  The room I had for part of my youth was the parlor of an old farmhouse, and the wool rug was like this, showing off the hardwood flooring all around the edges of the room.  I fell in love with the look and was glad we could replicate it in here.


Scott’s family were wealthy farmers, doctors, teachers and builders of homes, duplexes and apartments in Indianapolis, so he has several really wonderful pieces of family furniture.  This oak secretary needs some minor repair work on the bottom right door, but it will be perfect to house his hardback, collector editions.  The desk part, too, will be handy for his laptop when he wants to write.


So we thought it would be lovely in his room, and we were right.  It fits in very well.


The main reason we started remodeling this room in the first place was that Scott really had no comfortable place to read, sketch or study.  So the past couple of months of work and all the new stuff really boils down to this corner.  The recliner belonged to his maternal grandfather, and Scott specifically wanted it in here.


Another reason for all of this was so Scott could have all his books and graphic novels in one place so he could see them all, get to the ones he was interested in reading, and keep them all nice.  And if two bookcases are good,…


…then three ought to be even better.  He’s afraid he’s going to run out of space to put all his books.  Good Lord, I hope not!!!

Getting all of that done today was enough.  We were both getting very tired, and my lower back started to cause me some problems, so we hit the showers.  The closet organization and getting the books in place can wait until one night this week.

Also, he wants to bring in all the artwork he has to see what he wants to hang in there and where.  Once I can get to the studio and my newly set up sewing room back into working order,  I’ll get his curtains and pillows made.  As we continue, I’ll keep you up with how we are progressing.

His cousin, Kermit “Tom” Thomas has a wonderful collection of art glass that he has passed part of over to Scott.  Scott loves art glass and could hardly wait to set up some of the pieces on the secretary.


I think he will sleep very well in there tonight.  Of course, those bookcases had books and things in them before we emptied them and took them downstairs to the den.  We are going to go through the books and get some ready to sell and others ready to be moved into the media room/library once we get it cleaned out and set up.  Not remodel, but rearrange, clean, shampoo the carpet, etc.

And last but not least.  Here I am in all my fat glory.


This is the obligatory “beginning” picture taken in a mirror.  Let’s get rid of those thighs and a chin or two, okay?

I have started on Phase I, and as busy as we were, I really never had time to think about getting hungry.  The cleansing has started today, too.

Don’t worry, this is not about to become a weight-loss blog.  On Mondays, I’ll discuss my weigh-in and share any recipes I have found to  be extra special.  When I have reached a certain goal (the first one will be 159 lbs), I’ll retake a picture so you can see any differences in my size.  Other than this, I’ll keep in touch with my Shedpoundpals via email.  For those of you who are joining me in this endeavor – good luck to us all and let’s see how many pounds between all of we can get rid of, eh?

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  1. Sharon Says:

    The room turned out great, and even better with the special antique piece of furniture. Filling the bookcases will warm it up even more.

    And you are officially launched – congratulations!

  2. Leigh Says:

    The room looks great. That secretary desk is really a gem. I love the colors, they look very comfortable and homey to me. I know Scott will really enjoy that room!

  3. Leigh Says:

    P.S. I almost forgot! It’s so good to be able to put a face to your name!

  4. Rainy Daisy Says:

    Oh, how cozy! I miss sleeping in a farmhouse. And the beautiful oak furniture! My sister found a gorgeous old desk similar to yours but without the decoration, and when she moved and couldn’t take it with her, I snagged it. Success!

    Good luck with your diet! I read a wonderful book about how to adjust your thinking when you are watching what you eat, so that you don’t just feel deprived and starving – it’s called the Philosopher’s Diet. You may like it too.

    OH, and your presents should be there by tomorrow or Tuesday 🙂

  5. Cindy in FL Says:

    You two have created a haven for Scott-excellent choices in the room! I thought of you all day yesterday-1st day of our new path to shedpounds….the room rearranging was a great exercise routine!

  6. Bety Says:

    Okay so you upped the ante, now I’ll have to post a pic of moi and my lady lumps and bumps LOL.. I’ll see what photo I can find later this week.

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