A Lovely Day Setting Up

Today, Scott and I went out to the Huddleston House to set up the fire pit area and two of the tents for the Natural Dye demonstration being held there on Tuesday.  We could not have asked for a more beautiful day.  See?


Just look at that sky!  This cupola was on the bank barn and I love cupolas.


The back side of Huddleston House.  There is a very calm feeling about this old house, although, in its day, it was a humming hub for travelers.  It was built in 1841 and was a tavern on the Old National Road.  It served the purpose of giving people a place to change horses, get a meal and spend the night if needed.


I am assuming this was caused by the wind, but there is real character in this tree.  Either that or it is taking a bow for us.


This wee stack of half-grown acorns looked like a pile of fairy hats to me.


The bees were out in force today, although they were more the bumble variety than the honey ones.  I have seen a few honey bees this summer in my own yard that happens to be mostly white clover.  I have missed them and hope this is a sign they are making a come back in our area.


And while I welcome bees of all types, I do not welcome the other critter in this shot.  Go away, stupid Japanese Beetle!!!  Hey, there, Bumble Bee, look behind you!  Go and sting the beetle to death, please!


While the three of us adults and two teenagers were sitting around taking a rest break, a little lizard came out from under the porch to sun himself.  We three adults were going bonkers over him,  and Scott snuck off to get his camera while Karen Trent, the manager of Huddleston House, and I kept an eye on where the lizard scuttled off to while Scott was gone.  Scott took several pictures of him from the side, then handed the camera up to me so I could get some from the top.  We admired his coppery-bronzy shimmer and his tail went from green to turquoise to blue and then to purple at the tip.  Lovely with the sun bouncing off of him.  And could he move!!

The funny part about this little guy is that the three adults acted like little kids over him and telling stories about hunting lizards and salamanders as children –  and the two teenaged girls just could not care less.

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  1. Karen Says:

    Looks like a perfect day. Very nice pictures! That tree is really neat!

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