Lots and Then More

This past week was very busy, again, and the weekend even busier.  Still there are things to share with you, so here goes!


This is me at 155.5.  I weighed 154 on Friday, but we tried another non-Keto weekend and I gained a pound and a half back.  I will not be trying another non-Keto weekend again for a long while.  The payback today of diarrhea is just not worth it.  Still, I love how thin I am looking.  Here’s to the next 10 pounds (plus the pound and a half I gained back).

Last week we were up in the upper 60’s-low 70’s.  Scott and I took an amble around the yard looking at what needs to be done, and it was so pretty out that neither of us wanted to go back into the house.  Then, Saturday night, we heard sleet on the north window of my room and woke up Sunday morning to this:


Sigh…  There was a layer of ice beneath that snow, too.  And lots of standing water all over the place.  It didn’t stop us, though, and Scott and I got everything ready for friends to come and pick up the 9-foot, stainless steel prep table, and a prep sink that we have been wanting to rehome.  I got to play with a 10-week old baby girl (sorry, I was so enamored that I forgot to take photos) while the guys took apart  part of the big table (took the bottom shelf off) and got the two tables loaded onto their trailer.  My dining room is now all open!  This weekend, we plan to finish replacing the kitchen and dining room lights, clean and set up the dining room table.  I cannot wait!!!


Scott and I watched a documentary of the Gough map (http://www.goughmap.org/) and I ordered a copy of the map for Scott.  We took the map into JoAnne’s on Saturday and picked out the frame and mats for it and it is being framed.  It was expensive, but this is going to be a treasured item for Scott’s portion of the new museum (room at the top of the stairs), so it is worth it.  I cannot wait to get it back and hung in its new spot.


This is for both Scott and me.  I love studying the history of textiles and this will help both my researches and Scott’s Medieval Book of Lists.  I’ll let you know more about this and another book as I read and study them.

Tonight is a Pacers’ game for Sandy and I.  I can’t wait.

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  1. DelightedHands Says:

    Keep your eye on the goal!
    The map is fantastic–I can get lost studying a map for hours and hours!
    Great gift!

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