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It seems that, due to Instagram, the Fiber Pusher Podcast, Ravelry, and various other social media outlets, I don’t use my blog like I used to.  It has become a holding spot so I can read my favorite comics and a couple of favorite blogs, but not something I use much anymore for talking about what is going on with me.  I have toyed with the idea of just shutting it down, but then I don’t, and I don’t know why.  It could be nostalgia, it could be for all the memories embedded within its archives, or it could just be shear laziness.

So, how many people even know it’s here anymore?  Do I start using it as a place to put show notes for the podcast once again?  Do I use it to monitor my own progress on items that aren’t available on Ravely (such as my embroidery and bobbin lace)?

I keep a journal for more personal subjects, although I do include things in there that I would put on the blog as well.  So, I have some thinking and decision making to do.  In the mean time, here’s where I am with the embroidery:


I love the sweater I knit for Lizzie:

Lizzie's Sweater

And I think Scott looks so cute in his art nook:


I slowly am being sucked back into genealogical research, which I love, but with which I have had little time as of late to do much.  My college roommate Sandy and I went to Ft. Wayne last weekend to the Allen County Library, which houses the second largest genealogical library in the United States.  There, after a 30+ year search, I finally found out what happened to my 3X great-grandfather on my mom’s side.  He walked out of his house one day and was never heard from again, leaving behind a wife and several children.  I finally traced him to a cemetery in Dayton, Ohio.  He lived to the ripe old age of 79 and was buried with military honors since he was in the army beginning in 1829.  I don’t know when he was discharged at this point, but I will find it.

I found lots of other information, but I have to sort through it and organize it before I dare enter any of it into my database.

And, it’s tax season.  All is going smoothly at work, and I have to do Dyed in the Wool’s taxes this weekend, so you now know what my weekend will be like.  I hope to be able to record a short podcast, but cooking and laundry have to come first.

So, that sort of catches things up in a quick synopsis way.  Do I continue doing this, or do I just let this blog go?  I need to figure that one out.

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  1. DelightedHands Says:

    I find my blog is my primary means of communication-all the other sites just take time from what I am doing!
    I have a nice group of blog friends and we encourage each other on every level. I like the daily catch up of a blog, too. Find your groove and stick with it! Have a good weekend!

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