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Basically, my title means I have been on vacation beginning last Friday.  Or, I should say stay-cation since I stayed home and worked on the house and stuff.  But, Sandy and I did make a road-trip on Saturday to a Merino farm in northwestern Ohio where we helped skirt fleeces as they were being sheared.


Merinos are huge sheep!  This is the ram and just take a look at the size of him.  His fleece was super soft and super fine, but not the finest of the day.  We helped choose three fleeces for them to take to the Ohio State Fair – and we will be buying those same three fleeces to be made into top and yarn once their state fair is finished.


A bunch of naked merino ewes.  These are all bred and will be having their lambs this fall.  They breed for a fall lamb crop and when I asked why, the answer was “Because it’s not 10 below.”  Can’t fault them on that.


Then, this late fall, these lovely Rambouillets will be sheared, and Sandy and I are hoping to help with that shearing as well so we can pick out the best fleeces for the shop.

Other than Saturday’s farm visit, I washed three fleeces, worked on the house, and worked in the garden.


The sunflowers are just beginning to bloom, and I am harvesting the petals for the dye pot.  I’m freezing them for the time being so I can save enough for dyeing.


The same for the Coreopsis Tinctoria.  I’m cutting the flowers off and freezing them as well.  There are several hundred flower buds for more flowers, so I will be harvesting every day or two until they are done.  I really want enough to dye an entire fleece as well as 4 skeins of Polypay yarn that I have in reserve.

Another harvest I made was about a gallon’s worth of ragweed plants (they aren’t even close to flowering, yet) that were taking over a portion of the garden.  They are all gone, now, for which I am very happy.  Also, I found another plant growing in with the coreopsis, but I need to look up what it is before I decide what to do with it.  I am hoping it is another plant I can put into the dye pot.  I just put a new plant identification app on my phone, so I am hoping that will help me identify it.

As for the work on the house, I had the house power washed Monday, and it really needed it, especially the north side of the house.  Scott and I have installed drapes in his and my bedrooms, although I have more that need to be hemmed before they can be installed.  Also, I am going through my fiber supplies and books in anticipation of moving some of them on.  I do have some yarn in the Fiber and Yarn Destash 2 group on Facebook.  Sold all of the fiber yesterday, so there is only yarn left at this time, but keep an eye out as I will be putting up lots more.

I hope you all are having a great week.

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  1. DelightedHands Says:

    I love a good week of finishing up house/yard chores! Glad you had the time to do the shearing, too, sounds like a great time!

  2. Sandy O’ Says:

    I am so glad you started back on your blog! I still have my blog, but I don’t post very regularly! What color do you get dyeing with ragweed?

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