To the Roundhouse for Needed Repairs

There is a joke among my family and friends that I am like a freight train.  Get me going on the correct track and it’s hard to slow me down.  Well, I’ve been running hard for about two months – beginning with Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival, cutting sod, tilling and planting a garden, my dad’s illness and death, washing fleeces, cooking and cleaning, writing articles for and contacting people about Dye-Anna’s Dye-Gest, my day job, and everything else that has happened since the middle of May.  Last night, my train came to a sudden halt.

I was sitting at work when, all of a sudden, it was like someone pulled the plug on my energy reserves.  I literally  could feel them drain away from me, and I felt exhausted.  Getting through the remainder of the day was tough, and the drive home wasn’t fun.  When I finally arrived home, I went straight to bed.  I was asleep by 6PM and I slept through until about 6:15 this morning.  Holy sheep, but I needed that.

As I roll out of the roundhouse, all cleaned and re-oiled for the next run, I am feeling pretty good.  This is the first morning in a while that I have just wanted a cup of tea, not NEEDED a cup of tea – or two, or three.  I hadn’t realized how sloggy my brain had been feeling, but today, it is clear and I’m gearing up for the next run.

This morning’s weather is lovely!  It’s clean and fresh, with just enough humidity to give us another layer of cloud over the fields.


I am taking Friday, Monday and Tuesday off work. I have plans to completely revamp my bedroom, as well as wash more fleeces, have the house power washed, take the trailer in for some electrical work, and make a trip to northern Ohio with Sandy to look at and buy Merino and Rambouillet fleeces.

See, the freight train is back on track and running on time.

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  1. DelightedHands Says:

    Good for you! You are running well if just a good and long night’s sleep has set you to rights! Power on!

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