A Fibery Weekend

Sandy and I drove down to Evansville on Friday evening after work.  That is a long drive, even with the new extension of I-69 South.  The long and steep hills didn’t help, and if we hadn’t removed the tables and fixtures from the trailer, I’m not sure how well we would have fared with the drag on my engine.  Still, we made it, although we had to make a quick stop when we were nearly there to get gasoline.  It used as much gas as we did going to Lexington!

I got to sleep by myself in a camper that night.  I cranked down the AC, fought and killed a couple of mosquitoes, and slept like a baby.  Debi Hassler, our hostess, made a delicious breakfast casserole (gluten free!!) and there was fruit to eat as well.  I heated up water for a cup of tea, and while I was drinking it, I noticed this sweet little spinning wheel with a mother-of-all set up like I had never before seen.


Look at that bar between the maidens.  At first, I thought it was a quick fix on something that was loose, but then I took a closer look.


See that string running from it and under the bobbin whorl?


It goes to a peg.  This is a scotch tension system!  It’s really different.  So, what kind of wheel is this?


Debi and her husband found it in an antique shop while in Scotland, took it apart and brought it home in their backpacks – except for the actual wheel, which she had to carry on the plane.  And, yes, she said she did get some odd looks from other passengers.  Still, cool!!!!

So, Saturday morning, I gave my Fiber to Fabric talk with the hopes of sparking interest in people who would have never considered creating their own yarn.

From the audience

This is from the audience view.


A close-up of the table on the left, and…


a close-up of the table on the right.  I started with the raw fleece (a lovely and clean Romeldale in this case), and worked my way over to some finished items through washing, prepping for spinning, spinning, dyeing (silk, acid and natural) on to knitting and weaving, finishing up with some ready to wear/use items.  I really hope what I said helped people learn something new, and gain the new Tri-State Fiber Guild some new members.


Post from an attendant on Facebook.  I think it worked.  😉

Afterwards, we packed up (thank you Hasslers for helping!!) and went to the local yarn shop SheepSkeins.


What a cool shop!!!!  And yes, I might have bought a few things.  I’ll show them off in the next podcast.

Other than that, I did finish washing the rest of Felvet.  Now I need to start hot washing the two white Corriedales, Cloudy and Hannah.  I’ll begin them tomorrow tonight.  I have the four BFL fleeces all boxed and ready to go to UPS, which I will do tomorrow after work.

Tonight, I have to do the cooking, so I need to get home asap after work.  Meals this week for Scott include power oatmeal for breakfast, Chicken Marsala with asparagus, carrots and onions sauteed in butter, and Philly Steak & Cheese with green beans and scallions.  My meals for the week include oatmeal, a home-made chicken vegetable soup, and Greek yogurt with fresh cherries.  Yum!!  But all this means some cooking.  Luckily, the Philly Steak and Cheese goes into the crockpot, so that will be an overnight thing, but the rest needs to be cooked.

There’s more, but I need to get to work, so I’ll talk about them later.

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  1. DelightedHands Says:

    What a nice recap–I’m sure you inspired someone to take up spinning!
    That wheel is amazing-what a find!

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