Taking Advantage of the Sunshine

My friend and former college roomie, Sandy Sullivan, and I took advantage of the sunny day yesterday and headed to the park with our cameras.  Today I’ll show you the shots we took of one another (well the best of them) and tomorrow I will share the photos of White River and all of the flooding as well as some lovely items in nature.  We went to a local to her park and the day was so much fun.  We ended up walking nearly 4.5 miles, which we both needed.  She’s an accountant, so we both just came out of tax season and the sunshine, fresh breezes and outdoors was sorely needed for our souls.


This is me and Sandy.  We’ve known each other for 35 years this coming September.  Hard to believe 35 years has come and gone since I first entered college, but there you have it.  Equally hard to believe is that her son is going to be 22 and a senior in college this coming August.  Yikes!!  Wasn’t it just last month we were that age?

IMG_1688 (640x427)

While Sandy was setting up the camera for the 10 second timer, I was sitting on the bench in the first picture so she could get a focus.  Then, just as she accidentally touched the shutter button, I did this…


Good timing, Sandy!  🙂  Why no, I don’t take myself too serious, why do you ask?


I am every tour guide’s nightmare.  No, you aren’t supposed to be where I am in this shot, and it took some climbing to get there, but I have never been know to let an inaccessible place get in the way of a good photo.


The day couldn’t be lovelier.  The river was so far out of its banks that the trail we were on was actually closed due to high water, but… well…  we had to go and see.  I’ll show you more pictures of the river and water tomorrow.

IMG_1696 (427x640)

Sandy wanted some good, updated, pictures of herself, and what better place to take them than in the woods.  While this one isn’t bad,…

IMG_1731 (427x640)

This one is fantastic!!  It is so genuinely her with that great smile.  I know I am going to make a copy of this to go into my journal.

Since this was a perfect little area to take a picture, she returned the favor.


This is a good photo of me (even though it shows the 16 pounds I have gained over the past couple of months),…


But my favorite one of me is this one.  I think this is going to be my new bio photo for all of the Johnny Saturn sites and books.  At least until I can lose the weight I’ve gained.  Still, this is a good one of me at this place in time. 


So, tomorrow, I’ll show you the rest of the photos.  There are a couple of great, short videos that I took as well that I will add to the next podcast.  Goodness, it was a lovely day!  I want to do this again, soon!

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  1. Cheryl Says:

    Looks like a fun day! 😀

  2. DelightedHands Says:

    What a perfect day; it is so nice to pick right up with a good friend like you saw her yesterday even if it’s been a year…….

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