Nov 6
Long Time Coming
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Over the past nearly 10 years, I became busier and busier with Dyed in the Wool. There were farms to visit, fleeces to buy, fleeces to wash and send off for processing, inventory to keep and update, fiber festivals at which to vend, and books to keep. Last year, I started to feel a bit disgruntled at all of the time it was taking, and how, because of it, I was unable to find much time to do the things I enjoy. It was work all day at the office, and work each evening and on most weekends for Dyed in the Wool.

This spring, several lines began to come together into a point. That point being that it was time to close Dyed in the Wool and take my personal life back. It meant freeing up time for Scott and I to travel and spend time together. It meant not putting 20,000+ miles on my car each year. It meant digging out the dump that is my studio and seeing what I could create in it. It meant starting my new YouTube channel and website for experimentation, education, exploration, and evolution of all of the subjects that interest me.

As of today, the only thing remaining to close Dyed in the Wool by the end of the year are 18 unsold fleeces (working on that – keep an eye on a couple of groups on Facebook; Raw Fleece for Sale and Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em), I have 11 fleeces going out UPS tonight, 8 more going out tomorrow night. Also, there is still a bit of yarn and roving inventory in the shop, but very little. We are so close to wrapping things up. My goal is to have everything sold by December and use that month to complete the books and prepare for the final tax returns.

My new The Fiber Pusher channel and website are up and running, but, since I am still winding up Dyed in the Wool items, there hasn’t been as much content as I would like. I’m itching to get going on this and spend more of my free time working on this aspect of my life. It’s coming.

Tonight, I will be stopping by UPS and the post office shipping items out. When I get home, I will be boxing up the shipments going out tomorrow night before I can even fix supper. I am looking forward to being able to come home, fix a bite to eat and head up to my studio for a spot of weaving, or pull out some dyepots and see what color I can create using unusual dye materials.

Also, my novel is finished and Scott is doing the first editing (outside of me) on it. I have the cover design done, and just need to create the work of art that will be that cover. This, of course, means I need my studio organized and cleared out enough in which to work. It’s coming. Thanksgiving weekend. I cannot wait to dive in.

It’s all coming to me. 2020 will be a year of creativity that I haven’t been able to do for nearly 10 years. It’s coming, but, boy, I have waited a long time for it.l