Mar 27
Short update and an apology
icon1 basicallybenita | icon2 Diet and Fitness | icon4 03 27th, 2019| icon31 Comment »

First the apology.  Due to the extreme busyness and extra hours worked in March, there will be no April issue of Dye-Anna’s Dye-Gest.  I hate skipping an issue, but there is no time to get one done before April 1st.  Once we get past April 15th, life will ease up a bit.

Now for the short update.

Forty-five days ago I started the Keto diet.  At first is was hard and the “Keto-flu” hit me over a weekend (thank heavens).  Once my system got used to using fat as a fuel instead of glucose, my appetite diminished and the weight slowly started coming off.  Forty-five days ago I weighed 164 with a resting heart rate of 77.  Today I weighed 154.5 with a resting heart rate of 63.  At Thanksgiving, I looked like this:


See how snug those jeans are and how round that face is?  Well, here is today:


My jeans are baggy, my top is loose on me, and my face leaner and less moon-like.  9.5 pounds has equated to several inches lost.  I need to go clothes shopping soon because these jeans can almost be taken off without unbuttoning them.  Not quite, but getting there.  I still want to drop 24.5 pounds.  I know this will take a while, but I am being patient and taking it one day at a time.

Oh yes.  It’s been 86 days since I last had anything with sugar in it.  I know that has helped, but I credit Keto with the loss of the fat and inches.

Doing this during tax season hasn’t been easy because I cook nearly everything I eat from scratch, and that takes time and planning.  Still, it’s been worth every minute of it.