Jul 13

The alarm went off this morning at 5AM and I spent the next 2 hours currying about and gathering everything needed to take with me for the Fiber to Fabric talk I will be giving in the morning.

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I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to this event.  I have far more than I should bring, but if there is any one thing that I have with me that sparks some creative thing in one person, then it would have been a shame to not bring it.  I am not the Fiber Pusher for nothing.  So, the back of the car is full, and we have all of the fiber, yarn, and other such goodies loaded into the trailer for the “Pop Up Shop” portion.  I have been working diligently on the new sample cards, but they all won’t be done.  I wish there were more hours in the day away from the office that I could work on these, but I will have them done by Michigan Fiber Festival and that’s really what we want, anyway.

I’m still washing fleeces and have Marley completely done and ready to go to Ohio Valley Natural Fibers.  I have all of the brown Corriedale done and ready to go to Stonehedge with the BFL.  I am getting really excited about this.  All that lovely wool finally becoming something someone can use.

Scott’s still getting used to his new schedule.  He’s still coming home, taking a shower, then a short nap before going up to his studio to work.  Getting to work at 5:30AM is not easy, but he loves having a second “day” out of every day to work on his art jobs.

I’m trying to get up earlier each day.  Eventually, I’d like to have at least an hour each morning to clean house before going to work, then focusing on fleeces and creative stuff at night and weekends.  This is the first morning getting up at 5AM and I’m feeling good.  Let’s hope I can keep this up.

Next week, I am taking a few days off work (20 – 24) to work on my room.  Also, Sandy and I are going up to northern Ohio to a farm with Merinos and Rambouillets.  Having them so local to us is wonderful!