Mar 31

Last night, my paternal grandmother, Sophie Hazel Wininger Crowder, passed away at the age of 102.  She out-lived all the others of her generation by a long shot and when asked why she was still here, her comment was, “I don’t know, but every morning I hear an angel say ‘Mom, it’s time to get up’ so I figure there’s a reason for it.”

Granny gave birth to 10 children, one of whom was still born.  She raised 10 children, because she raised my cousin, Diane.  Granny was one of the sweetest, most loving people I have ever known.  The only other rival in this department was my maternal grandfather whom I loved so very much.

And Granny loved to tell stories.  I grew up hearing all about when she was a little girl (she remembered uncles coming home from World War I), when my dad, aunts and uncles were growing up and she knew more fairy tales than the library at school had.  The best part, is she knew all of our birthdays.  Mind you, there are dozens of grandchildren and great-grandchildren must have numbered near 100, but she knew all of us.  I believe she made it to being a great-great grandmother many times over in her long life.  Her mind was clear and strong right up to the end, even if her hearing and sight were dimmed.


A cousin (the tot in the picture) posted this on Facebook earlier this week and this is how I remember Granny.  That smile, her love for her garden, the children around her and with all her strength and vitality.  She had a wonderful sense of humor and loved to laugh.  She also loved to make quilts and one of her quilts has been on my bed for several years, now.  She let me choose the one I wanted, and I chose a Grandmother’s Flower Garden because it reminded me of her so much.


This was Granny at her 100th birthday party.  And that picture says so much about her.  She loved babies and she loved talking with them.  Just think, these wee ones are almost 100 years younger than her, and yet they got to be held and loved by her.


And here she is at her 102nd birthday.

I am glad for her.  She is in Heaven with Jesus and all of her family, including three of her own children.  My mom is there to greet her and I know there is a huge celebration going on.  With the size of our family, the birthday parties, family reunions or Christmas Eve suppers and bingo games brought family together from all over, and most had well over 100-150 people attending.  She ought to feel at home with the crowd there in heaven.  Granny is home!!