Mar 22

I cannot tell you when I began knitting socks for myself, but suffice it to say it was more than a dozen years ago.  I love my hand knit socks and wear a pair nearly 350 days of of 365 in the year (excepting those days when I actually have on sandles), so my socks get a lot of use.  I have never been hard on my footwear, and I have marveled at how long my hand knit socks have lasted.  Well…


Today, my fears have been realized.  As I was walking, I felt that big toe sticking through the sock and my heart sank.  I love these socks.  They go so well with jeans and I love how comfortable they feel and how well they fit.  And, no, they will not be going into the trash.  After a careful washing in the sink, and once they are dry, I will be darning these.  I have tons of left over sock yarn from other pairs, and I think this will get a wildly contrasting patch – sort of a badge of honor for comforting my feet for many (and many) a mile over the years.

Never would I consider darning a cheap, cotton or acrylic, pair of socks, but I know every stitch in these babies and I will not give up on them that easily.  So, DARN!!!!