Jan 19

Well, you all (both the commenters here and those elsewhere) have eased my mind.  The two young relatives will not be getting any more knitting from me (or gifts in general since there have been others that have also gone ignored).  I am sad about that because I love giving people things that I make and I am very careful to give them things that I know are their taste, colors and style.

On another note, another relative contacted me last night and asked if she could pay me to make her a pair of wool socks.  She drives a school bus and her feet have been getting so cold, she has been getting chilblains, which is very painful.  Pay me, my foot! It just so happens that she wears the same size shoes that I do and I have several pairs of lovely, wool, handknit socks, so I have packed two pair up for her (and an alpaca scarf that I knit) to help keep her warm.  By the time I knitted a couple of pairs for her, spring would be here and that would not be any help for her at all. My pay is her words “Thank you so much.  You made my day!”  Knowing that she appreciates and will use them is more than enough pay for me.  I may have found a new knit-worthy person to make things do, and I am so thrilled.

It’s good to be appreciated and needed.

Stay warm, everyone!