Jan 28

For pick-up only!! I have for sale a 40″ wide, 8-harness, 10-treadle, Herald loom. With it comes the parts to convert the warp beam into a sectional beam, the bench, an original shuttle, a 12-dent reed, lease sticks, extra tie-up wires, a home-made raddle and instructions. Both the front and back beams are removable for ease of threading. Stained walnut and in very good condition. Except for the home-made raddle, everything else matches the loom and must have been part of it when it was originally made and sold. It comes apart into two sections for ease of transportation, but you will need a pick up truck or small trailer to get him home.  $1,000.00 for everything.

If you want to look at the instructions, they can be found here: http://www.basicallybenita.com/?page_id=4559

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Jan 25

Jan 19

Well, you all (both the commenters here and those elsewhere) have eased my mind.  The two young relatives will not be getting any more knitting from me (or gifts in general since there have been others that have also gone ignored).  I am sad about that because I love giving people things that I make and I am very careful to give them things that I know are their taste, colors and style.

On another note, another relative contacted me last night and asked if she could pay me to make her a pair of wool socks.  She drives a school bus and her feet have been getting so cold, she has been getting chilblains, which is very painful.  Pay me, my foot! It just so happens that she wears the same size shoes that I do and I have several pairs of lovely, wool, handknit socks, so I have packed two pair up for her (and an alpaca scarf that I knit) to help keep her warm.  By the time I knitted a couple of pairs for her, spring would be here and that would not be any help for her at all. My pay is her words “Thank you so much.  You made my day!”  Knowing that she appreciates and will use them is more than enough pay for me.  I may have found a new knit-worthy person to make things do, and I am so thrilled.

It’s good to be appreciated and needed.

Stay warm, everyone!

Jan 18

The past couple of months, I have been doing a lot of gift knitting, and most of the recipients have been thrilled to received them (just had a co-worker show off the socks I knitted for her saying they were the warmest socks she ever had).  But, what do you do when asked to knit something for someone, and you don’t even get an acknowledgement that the package you mailed to them arrived?  How hard is to it just sent a text or a PM on Facebook that says, “Got the _____ in the mail today.  Thank you.” ?

I have knitted some beautiful items for two people (one of whom asked for said item) and I had to ask one of them (three weeks after I mailed it to them) if they received it (I got a “Yes, I got it. Thanks.”) and the other one I heard from a third party that the package got there.  I am told they both loved their gifts, but I have to admit that it is very hard to knit other things for them when they can’t take the time to let me know that said gift even got to them.

I am knitting another gift for one of them, and I will admit that I am having a hard time finishing it because I don’t know that it will be appreciated, much less even acknowledged.  This person does not know it is coming.  Should I just not send it and gift it to someone else who will appreciate it and who always lets me know that they got it and love it?  Do I write the said two people off as being not knit-worthy, even if they are family?  I mean, the items I made them were from the softest wool, not cheap acrylic, and took some time and effort on my part.

And that is my dilemma.  Should I or shouldn’t I?  Part of me thinks they will come back and say “You always knit stuff for others, but how come I don’t get stuff, too?”  In a way, I hope this happens because I’d love to tell them, “Well, because I hear from the others that the gift arrived and that they like and wear said stuff.  I never heard from you on the things I sent to you, so why should I continue sending you things that you won’t even acknowledge receiving?”

I hope I am not sounding petty on this.  All I want, really, is a quick note saying that the gift arrived safely and a simple thank you for it.  Is that asking too much?