Nov 25
Discount Code for Dyed in the Wool!
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Just a heads up! There is a 10% discount code for Dyed in the Wool ( for everything in the shop beginning today through Monday, November 30th. The discount code is DITWBFCM10. This is for everything in the shop, including clearance items. Those items ordered by the end of the day November 30th will be shipped by December 4th so you should have plenty of time to get them before Christmas.

Nov 24

I have missed blogging, so I am going to put this back into my schedule.

First of all, I do plan to go back and put in show notes for all of the podcasts and get them added to the sidebar.

Also, I will get the fiber show schedule updated.  Soon.

So, how have all of you been?  I have missed you so much!!

Now that Kim is married and has moved out, Scott and I started a major revamping/reorganizing/cleaning endeavor on the house.  We are starting upstairs where our complete studio and business area is to be.  This will free up the downstairs and make it much easier to clean and live in.

The first room to be redone is Scott’s studio.  When we moved into the house 21+ years ago (we built it), this room was my room and it was painted a pink color.  Rather like this:

old paint walls

The dormers were painted in this:

old paint dormersPoor Scott has been working in a room with these colors for about 10 years.  It was past time for a change.

So, the walls are going to be painted this:

new wall color

And the dormers:

new dormer color

Much lighter!!!

The dormers are 5 feet wide and 4 feet deep and the east one is his painting area and the west one is where his drafting table is.

We are adding lights into these dormers that look like this:

IBH15LMVSo, he is going to have lots of light under which to work.  Needless to say, he is pretty excited about this new studio.

Scott has been drawing up plans on how to set up the actual studio and it is going to be way more open to let light through.  I think he is going to be much happier working in there.

So, this weekend, I will be painting and shampooing the carpet getting it all ready for his move in the first weekend in December.  Happy Thanksgiving to us!

As I work, I’ll take pictures so you can see what we are doing.  Our goal is to have the new shipping department (the room at the top of the stairs) painted and carpet cleaned and set up, and my studio at least cleaned and ready for me to set it up.  It would be nice if I could get moved into my studio by New Year’s weekend, but that might be pushing it.  There is a lot of work to be done between now and then.

This has been a long time in coming and we are excited to get all of this done.  The only things going into these revamped spaces are things we actually need and use.  Everything else is getting packed up and disposed of – in places they are needed, not being trashed (unless it should be trashed).

This is our Christmas gift to one another – new studio space!

Nov 24

Nov 24