Apr 27

Learning to spin on a wheel.

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Apr 21
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I have been in email contact with a lady who dyed her own yarn and knitted my Walking Through China socks.  She chose slightly different colors, but I think that is wonderful.

And what she did was beautiful!

2015 china socks right

2015 china socks front and back

Thank you Verna Burt for sharing these photos and your journey dyeing the yarn and knitting them up.  I love them!!!

Apr 20

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Apr 14

I sincerely believe that this past Saturday was the last extra work day I will need to make until next January.  At least I certainly hope so.  I have worked at least one day each weekend (except Easter weekend and one other) since mid-January and to say I am tired, is an understatement.  From here on out, if I am busy on a weekend, it will be my doing and not for the office.

Sunday, I had intended to clean up the yard and mow.  Mentally, I just couldn’t, so I did something that I have been wanting to do for weeks, now – I spent some quality time with one of my looms.

On my 4-harness, 22″ Harrisville Design loom, I have a 10-yard warp for waffle weave dish towels and dish cloths.  Before Sunday, I had one towel done using the same weft as warp, but it was full of mistakes because I had insisted on weaving when I was exhausted and not able to focus.  This towel will be for my bathroom where no one but me will ever see it.  Since then, I have woven a towel in a dark blue weft and most of the matching dish cloth.  Sunday, I had a blast!

After putting in a Jacob fleece to wash after its cold soak all week, I wove the rest of the navy-wefted cloth, wove an entire set with a green weft and started the next set with a magenta weft.


This picture shows the transition from the navy weft to the green.  I love how the different weft colors change the tone of the warp threads.  That red line is my cutting line after they are washed and are ready to hem.

color change

Going to the magenta weft really changed it.


I love how the floats versus tabby areas make hills and valleys.  This is going to be so much fun once they are washed and finished.


And underneath!  Looks like a fancy ceiling in an old building.

Once I have this all woven off (Still have to finish the magenta weft, then do a set with light blue weft and the last set in the same weft as warp), I will be ready to move on to something different.  I’m torn between overshot and double weave.

By the way, this will be the last thing I weave on this loom.  I am in the process of selling off all my looms except my 8-harness Baby Wolf.  I’ve already sold my 15″ LeClerc table-top loom, and I may have a buyer for the 18″, 4-harness Dorset (although if anyone is interested in this and you live within a couple of hours from Indianapolis, please let me know).  This Harrisville loom has been sold to a current student of mine and as soon as I can gather together everything that came with my 40″, 8-harness Herald loom, it, too, will be up for sale.  Then I have an old, ca. 1940, X-frame, 4 harness loom that needs the beater-bar rebuilt that will be up for sale once it has been fixed.

I’m not quitting weaving, only no longer teaching weaving classes.  So, I am going to get my equipment down to only one loom and the equipment I use myself.  I will keep a couple of wooden boat shuttles and my end-feed shuttles, but the rest will be sold.  I’ll let you all know when I am ready to place them out to new homes.  Sometime this summer.



Apr 13


Spring is here!!!

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Apr 9
I Think She Likes Them
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My SIL, Missy, stopped by and got her World’s End Fingerless Gloves that I knitted up for her.


Yes, I think she’s pretty happy with them.  Definitely a knit-worthy person!

Apr 6

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