Feb 26
New on the needles
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Well, I am stuck on the sweater until I get a shorter cable for my circular needles, so I started a new project – World’s End Fingerless Gloves by Deborah Gall.  When I say started, I mean just that.


I am using Cascade Heritage Silk Paints in 9801 – Fall Foliage.  My sister-in-law, for whom these are being knitted, loves orange.  I thought the addition of the silk would both keep her warm and make them extra soft.

Feb 23

This past weekend, Sandy and I and Dyed in the Wool were at the Winter Woolen Workshop in Kokomo, Indiana.  Friday night’s set up went without a hitch, for which we were very thankful.  We were on the second floor of the Elliot House in a room facing south and with a large bay window, so the lighting could not have been better for us and we were warm!!

Saturday we woke to several inches of fresh snow, and what should have been an hour and 15 minute drive took 2 and a half hours, but we left home plenty early and arrived in time to finish setting things up and get ready for the day.  Because of the snow (it continued to fall pretty heavily all morning) the attendance was slow, but we sold fiber, met lots of new friends and had fun.

Sunday, the people made up for not coming on Saturday and it was a busy place.  We sold several pounds of fiber to spinners and felters alike (in fact, we completely sold out of the medium gray alpaca and we have a sweet gray Shetland lamb fleece that will never hit the online shop because there might be a couple of ounces left of it only) and I taught one person how to spin.  It was a very fun day.

prince sign 2015

Here is our new 2015 menu board showing everything we have for sale before the Winter Woolen Workshop started.  Beginning with the Suffolk on the next to bottom line through the end are the fibers that have not been added to the Dyed in the Wool on-line shop, yet.  Those are the 14 fleeces we picked up at Ohio Valley Natural Fibers on the 14th.  Our job this week is to get pictures of all of those and get them added on-line.


If you can imagine Sandy sitting in the corner of the room and this being “L” shaped, this is how our booth looked at the beginning of the event.  We sold enough that we rearranged them part way through Sunday to make them easier for us to pull and fill orders.  The most popular were the gray alpaca that we sold out of, the gray Shetland lamb that we very nearly sold out of, the Bond, the Finn and the Corriedale/Romney cross (Jade).  We sold lots of this and that, but those were the highest sellers.


Last year, we had a lovely, true-black alpaca (Ethan) and another, equally lovely white alpaca that sold to one lady.  Well, she brought in a hat that she spun and knitted from them.  Sandy and I really love this.  And the lady made a matching one for her dog, too!!

purple cloak

There were lots and lots of lovely items worn over the weekend by vendors and guests alike, but this one was among my favorites.  She based the cloak on a sweater pattern she had, increasing the length and girth to make it more cloak-like and adding the decorated slits for her arms.  She got oohs and aahs wherever she went.  Lordy, I’d love one like this in greens.  This was made with Cascade 220 in the Purple Heather colorway.  She was justifiably proud of it.

This next Saturday, the 28th, there will be a Spin-in/Spinning Demonstration going on at Starstruck Cat Studio as part of the Roving Indiana Yarn Crawl.  Come and have some fun with us!


Feb 20

FPP card

Feb 20

This past week, my students asked me to post some of the Christmas and New Year’s cards that my hubby, comic book artist Scott Story (see Johnny Saturn) drew.  These are my three favorite.

card inside

The LOTR one is just those people in the company I work for (Sourwine Real Estate Services) – I am Gimli in this one (per my request!!).  The dog is Sherlock and belongs to my boss’ daughter, but he comes to work with my boss most of the time rather than be stuck in a crate all day.  Here Sherlock is playing the role of Bill the pack pony.  Sandy is Legolis.

Sourwine Holiday 2013

This was 2013’s and we had just built our newest office building (as shown in my boss’ hands being ready to be delivered to all the businesses on the “nice” list.  I am sewing up a toy sheep (what else) and Sandy is tossing a football up in the air to test it (she’s a die-hard Colts fan).  One of our brokers is trying to shove another broker into the beer vat (inside joke).  My co-worker, Colette, is on a rocking horse because she owns a thoroughbred mare (On The Point, daughter of Point Given) and is breeding her own line of race horses (she has one filly on the ground, Defining Hope, and another foal is due sometime in April).  It has Rudy on it because that was the first foal (colt) out of her mare, On the Point, but he died tragically in a barn fire last spring just after his first birthday.


This is an oldie, but a goodie and one of my very favorites.  I’m in the train taking the luggage, Sandy is punching the ticket.  This has a lot of other people in it from other companies because we had recently finished a new building at this time and this was our way of saying thank you to all those people who helped us with it.  This one was completely hand-drawn with no computer elements in it except the coloring, signage and words.  I love that train station!!!

So, never let it be said that I disappoint my students.

Feb 19
Dyed in the Wool Off-Line
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Dyed in the Wool will have the spinning fibers part off-line beginning at noon tomorrow, Friday February 20th.  I will be back on-line Tuesday morning after I get the inventory updated from this weekend’s fiber show.  If there is anything you want for sure, order it before noon tomorrow.  I can’t guarantee having it after this weekend.

We will be at the Winter Woolen Workshop in Kokomo, Indiana, this weekend, so if you are in the area, come out, say hi and shop at all of the wonderful vendors there.

Thanks and Happy Spinning!!!

Feb 17


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Starstruck Cat Studio

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9th Annual Winter Woolen Workshop

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Ohio Valley Natural Fibers

Roving Indiana Yarn Crawl

Feb 10
Dyed in the Wool
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Rebecca Mezoff, a tapestry weaver mentioned Dyed in the Wool on her blog and specifically talked about the Fiber Binder Club.  Go and check out her blog.  She does absolutely beautiful tapestries!!

Feb 4


Podcast address on Ravelry

My YouTube Channel

Sweatshirt Sweater on Ravelry

Starstruck Cat Studio

Dyed in the Wool

9th Annual Winter Woolen Workshop

House on Blue Bird Hill

Feb 2

Saturday was the Spin-In at Starstruck Cat Studio in Greenwood, Indiana, and we had several people turn up – 5 spinning wheels in total (through-out the day) and one spindle as well as other creativity going on.  First the spinning.


Pat was spinning a sparkly purple for a project for her daughter.  My spinning wheel is just beyond Pat’s and I was spinning on the chocolate brown merino that I need to ply with my variegated merino.  My bobbin is about 90% full, and I am hoping I can get it finished up sometime this week so I can ply it off this next weekend and get another skein done for the weaving project I want to do with them.  I believe I have enough for at least one more skein of this colorway.


Sherry practiced her Navajo plying on this lovely variegated yarn.


And her Navajo plied yarn done.  Nice job!!!


Daphne drove about an hour and a half to be with us today.  She is the lady who makes the bags of which I showed one on Episode 9 of the Fiber Pusher Podcast.  This is the link to her Etsy shop:  She has some great ideas for different bags so keep an eye on her shop for new items.


Besides spinning and knitting, Cindy was working on her rug-hooking project for the class she is taking.  I love the tea (or coffee) cup design.

And of course, a Spin-In here wouldn’t be complete without:


The gathering of the hand-knit socks.  Okay, so shop owner Susan didn’t have on hand-knit socks that day, but her knitted-look shoes made up for it.  From the left on around are: Susan, Brenda, Pat, Heather (while the sock yarn on her socks match, there are two different patterns represented here), Sherry and mine.  Bonus on mine as the sock yarn is my hand spun 70%BFL/30% silk from the 2013 Tour de Fleece.

Beginning Friday, we were told that we were supposed to get 5-9 inches of snow over Sunday in my part of the state.

blizzard that wasn't

I think they missed the mark on that prediction.

I hope you all had a great weekend!