Nov 20

Last night was the advanced spinning class +1 at Starstruck Cat Studio.  The “+1” part is a beginning student who can’t come to the beginning class due to a schedule conflict, but that’s just fine with us.

When I got there last night, I saw the finalized yarn-bombed spinning wheel sitting out front.


At least it will be warm this winter. 🙂

Pat was the first to show me what she brought with her.


This is all of the singles for her spin-to-order shawl.  Since the requirement is a three-ply yarn, her next task is to get it all plied together on her jumbo flyer.  I think it is going to make a lovely 3-ply yarn.  There is an entire pound spun up here.


Next, Pat showed me a felted bag made with her hand-spun yarns from the classes.  The bottom is superwash, so it didn’t felt, but the rest of the bag did nicely.  She’s debating on whether to make the opening into a gather for a draw-string bag, or to put a large zipper across the top.  What do you think?


Then she showed me the last of the Kool-Aid dyed yarn from the left-over Kool-aid that she took home last month.  I really like that top on!


Brenda, on the other hand, purchased this lovely pack of cotton from Cotton Clouds and it contained several types of cotton in several formats.


Spinning it was a lot different than spinning wool, or even short-stapled fibers like yak.  It’s going to take some concentration and work to get it thin and with enough twist in it.


Still, I think she’s getting it just fine.


Brenda has 12.4 ounces of her three-ply all done for her spin-to-order sweater.  Each ply of this yarn is a different protein fiber (cormo, alpaca and I forget what the other one is) so when she washed it, each ply shrank at different ratios giving her this lovely textured yarn.  She wants to dye it (maybe with indigo) before she knits it up, but she still has about a pound or so to spin up before we break out the dye pots.

After the Kool-aid dyeing experiment from last week, Brenda was elected to take the rest home (she has a blending board) and see what she could make with the dyed fibers.


She had several batts that looked like this one, and I think they are going to make a beautiful yarn.


She also had this batt.  Ooooo!!!!  Pretty!!!  I really look forward to seeing them all spun up.

The beginning student was up for an evening of learning long draw and I started her with a great Corriedale top in a grayish color.  She did very well with it and had this done by the end of class.


Seriously, this is her first attempt at long-draw spinning.  She took home enough of the Corriedale to spin up, ply and make at least one, if not two hats out of.  She and her husband are going to walk the Appalachian Trail this next year, and she wants to make some light-weight, but warm clothing to take with her.


I love the look of concentration on Heather’s face as she tries long-draw with a very fluffy Dorset roving.

I am taking the Month of December off from teaching (except for the postponed intermediate class on December 2nd) so I can get some things taken care of at home and to prep for tax season.  I am going to miss it (teaching, not tax season).