Nov 11

And now a quick word from our sponsor!

Have you ever looked at your wardrobe and thought, “Man, that is so boring.  I wish I had more color in my life.”

Well, now you can have it and save 25% off the regular price to boot!

Dyed in the Wool is having a Clearance Sale on all of the tie-dyed items, except for the bags.  Want a colorful new shirt?


We got them from 2T through 3X.

What about socks?


Yep, we have them, too, from children’s to youth to women’s and men’s sizes.

Shoe laces?


Oh yes!

Baby clothing and burp cloths?



We even have tank tops


and hair scrunchies!


And, with only 45 days left until Christmas Day, now is your opportunity to get some great, colorful and unique gifts and save money, too.  Just go to the Clearance Sale tab on the Dyed in the Wool site and start shopping!

And we now return you to your regularly scheduled Tuesday morning!