Oct 16

Last night at the Advanced Spinning class I teach at Starstruck Cat Studio, we got down and colorful with Kool-Ade and some protein fibers.  All in all, we dyed silk, baby alpaca, baby llama, Wensleydale, Teeswater, BFL, and Merino.  We separated everything into three sets: one to nuke (heat up in the microwave), one to sit for a day or so, and one to hand-paint some roving and yarn.

The jars we nuked exhausted the color in the half-pint jars pretty quickly and here is what we got:


Pinkish-red is Cherry and the purple is the remaining cherry with something that was a very bright blue added in.


That same very bright blue all by itself and Lime Lemonade.


The yellow is Lemonade and the olive-green is the remaining Lime Lemonade with about 1/2 a teaspoon of Orange added in.  By far my favorite color of the evening.  The one in the purple bag that is still white was bamboo.


The lighter orange is the remaining Lemonade with about 1/2 a packet of Orange added in.  The bright Orange was with yet another full packet of Orange added.


The lighter red is Strawberry – one over gray wool for added depth.


The really strong red is Cherry Berry Blast.  The Wensleydale and Teeswater locks took the color the best.

All of the nuked jars were pretty clear by the time we removed the fiber – except for those that had Lemonade in them.  While the color was gone, the water was white and not clear.  I wonder why.  I’ll have to do some research into what the Lemonade has in it that the other colors don’t.

The bits of fiber in the jars that didn’t get heated as well as the handpainted BFL roving I took in will get emptied and looked at tonight.  I am interested in the difference in intensity (if any) between the heated jars and the non-heated ones.  Also, I was to see what my hand-painted roving looks like.  We did heat them, but didn’t unroll them.  I know they are going to be more pastely, but that’s okay with me.

A beginner student who can’t come to the beginner classes due to scheduling conflicts was working on a batt from Lunabud.


Here is one side of the batt.


And here is the other side.  Heather fell in love with this even before Stephanie of Lunabud had it off the drum carder and could not wait to start spinning it.


And this is what it is looking like.  She wants to ply it with some black and knit a cowl from it for a very artsy friend.  I think that friend is going to be thrilled with this.  How fun!!!

Once things slow down for me a bit, I am going to go back to exploring dyeing, but with the natural dyes that I have in stock.  I have some interesting ideas I want to test out.