Oct 3
Taking a deep breath
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This week has been a bit on the quiet side, but that is good.  Starting tonight, that will change.

Next weekend, I am teaching a 3-day Beginning Weaving Workshop at Starstruck Cat Studio in Greenwood, Indiana, and this weekend, beginning tonight, is the prep for that workshop.  For example, this is what I need to do:

1. Measure out the sample warp for the looms and warp all of the looms (about 5 hours total)

2. Put together all of the student kits, each of which include: Tape measure, 12″ ruler, 2 shuttles, at least 6 bobbins, scissors, pad of paper, pencil, calculator, pins, and binder clips.  I find it just is easier if each student has their own set of stuff and it is easier at the end of class to make sure I get everything back.

3. Put together the folders of patterns, hand-outs, and other information needed for the class – one per student.

4. Put together the kit that the students share (yarn for the samples, bobbin winder, scotch tape, books, swift and ball winder).

Most of this sounds easy, right?  Well, now remember that I have moved my studio since the last time I taught a complete workshop and not everything has been organized and put away.  In fact, very little has.  So, while I am getting everything ready, I will also be sorting, organizing and putting things away in my studio while looking for all of that stuff (where are all of my shuttles???).

Yes, it’s going to be a very busy weekend.  Oh, did I say I had the whole weekend?  Well, I really have tonight, a couple of hours tomorrow and Sunday to get all of this done.  It’s a very good thing I rested last weekend.