Sep 18

Monday night, at Starstruck Cat Studio, was the second of three in this beginning sock knitting class.  Sandy, one of the students (yes, another Sandy, and she’s a former bean counter – why are most of the Sandy’s I know bean counters? 🙂 ) fell behind a bit with her sock, so I offered to work with her from 5 until 6 last night before my spinning class started.

Sandy socks

And, as you can see, she is off and knitting once again.  She’ll be ready for the toe in no time, which is next Monday’s lesson.  I am really happy with her progress.

Brenda, one of my advanced students, brought in a finished object to show off.

brenda shrug front

She hand-spun the yarn from this shrug out of Merino, which she started on it last September.  And, one year later, look at what she made with that yarn!

Brenda shrug back

She said that the hardest part of it was when she started spinning it, it was a bit thick and thin, and as she improved her spinning, she had to keep this yarn thick and thin so it would be consistent through-out.  I am so stinkin’ proud of her!  It looks and feels wonderful and she’s already been wearing it during some of our cooler days.  Yay Brenda!!!!

Last night’s class was a deviation on something we had already been working on.  They have been working on spinning from the locks on several breeds like Wensleydale and Pygora, those with lovely, long and curly locks.  This week, I brought in Pygora and Wensleydale prepared top for them to try and compare.  The both loved the Pygora top and used terms like silkly and smooth – Pat said it spun like buttah. 🙂  Then they tried the Wensleydale top, which had a staple length of about 6-7 inches.  Pretty long.

brenda spinning Wensleydale

And you can tell by Brenda’s face in this that it took a bit of extra concentration to spin it, too.  Because of the long staple length, the fiber wanted to run down the side of the top, and to spin it back and forth across was a challenge.  I love providing challenges.  Pat liked the prepared top best, but Brenda loves playing with the individual locks.  It is so interesting how different people like the same things differently.

Next month, we are going to play around with dying some fiber and hand-spun and that is going to be fun.  I love playing with color.