Sep 3

My Labor Day weekend was three days labor and one day rest. One of the days, I had to go into the office to get caught up on some stuff, and two of the days I worked on cleaning my studio and moving the natural dye supplies from one closet to my studio, freeing that closet (under the stairs) for all of the various con and fiber show equipment. It’s so nice to have a place to put it all besides the living room.

The best part, though, was getting everything (and I do mean everything) out of the master bathroom, which hereto has been used as a storage closet for various office and paper supplies, fleeces, storage containers not in use and a 4-drawer, lateral filing cabinet that I rescued years ago. Scott has wanted this particular beast up in his studio for a loooong time, now (we had intended to move it up there last year when I was originally fixing up my studio but got sidetracked by my MIL’s head-first dive down her stairs in the middle of the night). So we just moved it.

Of course “just moved it” sounds reasonably easy, but let me tell you it was anything but easy. Getting it to the stairs was the only easy part since we could just put it on our rolling cart, but it was just too heavy for us to slide it up the stairs (carpeted). Even with both of us shoving, it just would not budge. We had hoped to get it up there without having to remove the drawers considering how old the thing was. Simply put, we were afraid we’d end up tearing the thing up and rendering it useless for what he wanted it for, but we had no choice. We pulled the drawers out, popped them out of their sockets and moved each part up separately. The main cabinet was still pretty heavy, but not so heavy we couldn’t do it. We were heaving, sweaty messes (well Scott was sweaty – I don’t sweat) but it was up there. It took a minute to figure out how to put the drawers back, but we did and I swear the thing works better than ever.

Now that the master bath is empty, I am going to scrub it down and paint the walls. The main purpose for this room will be fleece and fiber storage (with new shelving units along the long wall) and a natural dye studio. I am really excited to have a place to do my natural dyeing with an exhaust fan and have the ability to dye in all types of weather since I won’t be dependent on having to be out of doors most of the time.

Once I get it in a more ready condition, I’ll get pictures of it for you.

Last night, I got home, mowed the front half of the yard (about an acre), cooked two meals for Scott for the rest of the week, did two loads of laundry and got the dishwasher going. Poor Scott had to close at work, which meant not getting home until 10:30, so I had the place to myself – except for the cats.

While I was mowing the largest part of the yard, I had one of the most amazing experiences. This late in the season, there are a lot of moths, grasshoppers, and various other insect life hiding in the taller grass. As I made each pass, they would fly up into the air to get out of the way of my tractor. I was pretty into my own thoughts until something whizzed past my head and I looked up. All around me, flying this way and that, making mad dives and swooshing through the air were swallows and I realized the were grabbing up the bugs that were flying up from the grass. Then I looked more and saw dozens of dragonflies doing the same thing! They were having quite a buffet. I have never been a part of something like that before and it was so neat!

Sandy called from Anchorage last night. Today is the day she gets to visit the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer. I am very happy for her getting to do this. She’s promised lots of pictures.

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