Aug 4

While not a busy show, Sandy and I did have fun at the Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair. There were no other vendors who sold what we sell, and we sold a lot of fiber.

One thing I noticed was the number of people who would walk by our booth, touch the fiber and say they wanted to learn how to spin, but didn’t know where to start. And I got an idea! I told them that if they bought a spindle at the show, I would get them started spinning on it. And several people took me up on it. I lost count how many people I sat with for about 15 minutes, and when I was done, they were off and spinning their first single. They also had my business card for when they have questions, and I do hope they ask me when they get stuck.  And they bought fiber from us to practice with. We have several lovely Corriedales that are perfect for beginning spinners. They all draft beautifully and are just the right amount of crimp to spin easily. I really hope I have started several people onto a life time’s pleasure of spinning their own yarn.


This is not all of the fiber we took.


This was behind the table, too.


We had this taped to the table next to our menu board, and it got a lot of laughs.  People like knowing they are free to pet the wool, and I love the comments of “I’d like a bed made out of that,” or “Ooo!  That’s soft!!”

On Saturday night, several vendors met at a local Tumbleweeds restaurant (Tex-Mex) and we had supper together. Lots and lots of laughter, information exchanged and friends made during that delightful meal. I wish more fiber events did this.

Half a block from our hotel was an Econo-Lodge and the poor vendors who stayed there had some interesting stories to tell of things that did not work and the amount of beer cans left in the hallways each morning. Sandy and I stayed at Holiday Inn Express and we compared notes with them. I will say that the Holiday Inn Express in Heath, Ohio, while an older hotel, was clean, everything worked perfectly, and the staff were very nice. I think those staying at the Econo-Lodge this year are going to be staying at the Holiday Inn Express next year, especially when they found out a full, hot breakfast was included in the price.


Our booth. We were pleased with our location, and having three sides exposed to people walking by made it very nice.

And here are some shots of the rest of the vendors taken before the fair opened Sunday morning.




I love, it – wool Christmas Ornaments!













Almost looks good enough to eat, don’t they?


Now, that’s a lot of talent!


Sandy’s all ready!


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