Jul 25
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Sometimes you have to go by how the wool feels and spins up more than the breed of the sheep.  Today’s Fiber of the Day is from a mutt sheep, but, goodness, she makes nice wool, and she’s a lovely dark brown color, too.  10% off the final 7 ounces from last year’s fleece using the discount code on the post.


I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I have a busy one planned, but when don’t I?

Also, remember that Sandy and I with Dyed in the Wool will be at Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair next weekend, August 2 and 3, so if you are in that vicinity, come and check out all of the fiber we have and get some colorful tie-dye as well.  The tie-dye will be 20% off at the fair only (except for purses and bags) so here is your chance to get some cool shirts, socks, shoe laces, scrunchies and baby items.