Jul 18

In Wednesday night’s Spinning III class, my two advanced students continued to work on spinning enough of a consistent yarn for their upcoming projects. Brenda is planning to do each of her three plies with different fibers – one Cormo, one Corriedale, and one alpaca. Then, once they have been plied together, she wants to dye them (she’s thinking indigo right now) to see how each fiber takes the dye differently before knitting the yarn up. Since she has to spin up a total of about 1200 yards, she has a lot more spinning to do.

Pat, on the other hand, had spun up enough of her fiber to chain-ply so she could see if she were close to getting gauge. She did it! Now just to keep spinning the same weight and keep it consistent.

Brenda also brought two items with her. One was some spun poodle fur.


It is a bit scratchy, but she wants to make a place mat out of it, so the scratchiness won’t make a bit of difference in the finished item.

The second thing that Brenda brought was some alpaca that she had bought so I could show her how to wash it. She and Pat both watched and got involved in washing the lovely stuff and see what it became!


Isn’t that the fluffiest, prettiest fiber! It is super soft and ought to spin up like a dream.

Half-way through class, Pat announced that she’d like to learn long-draw one day. I asked if she had an empty bobbin with her and she did.


Pretty good for her first try at it, don’t you think?

Pretty soon these two will graduate and no longer need me. I will be sad when that day arrives.