Jul 17
Something New!
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Starting today and continuing for the foreseeable future, the 12AM YARNO number on Dyed in the Wool will be a Fiber of the Day with a discount code to get 10% off that fiber for that day only.

For example: Today’s Fiber of the Day is:

Cormo pin-drafted top - Item #D-RV-14-0001
Cormo pin-drafted top – Item #D-RV-14-0001
This absolutely beautiful top is a blend of three different Cormo fleeces, Rufus (the 2013 Indiana State Fair Grand Champion), Jacob and Katie. Seriously, when we bought these fleeces, we could not tell them apart, so we had them washed and processed together. This Cormo is so soft, you can make baby clothes from it and the baby would smile at its softness. It dyes easily, spins like a dream and would make anything from a filmy lace shawl to warm hats and scarves. Price is for 4 ounces.
Available Qty: 57
Price: $14.00

For 10% off this fiber today only – Coupon Code: 071714FOTD.  This means that for today only, the is $12.60 for 4 ounces.

So here is your chance to get some lovely spinning fiber on sale each day.