Jul 14

So, I started a page on Facebook for Dyed in the Wool, but I couldn’t see how to invite friends or any of that sort of thing.  Yesterday, I sat down with Scott and had him show me how to use it, and I found out I set up the wrong sort of thing.  Well, rats!

So, I set up a Benita Story Facebook site that links to Dyed in the Wool.  So, between the two of them, I hope to be able to get more done.  If you are on Facebook, please send me a friend request, then go to the Dyed in the Wool page and like it.  Things are about to gear up a little more on Dyed in the Wool and I don’t think you are going to miss what is going on.

I will warn you, though, both site are mostly for fiber related things – more of an extension of my blog – than anything family or personal related.  I want a place where I can connect more with potential students for classes, venues to teach at and people who own fiber animals and need an outlet for their wool.

I still don’t know how to use Facebook very well, but I am learning.

Other than that, I had a busy weekend.  I have started either spring cleaning late or fall cleaning early.  I am working in my kitchen and have started at the ceiling and am working my way down. I pulled down all of the decorative items from the tops of the cabinets, washed them, washed the tops of the cabinets, washed the walls and gotten rid of a bunch of cobwebs.  Then I completely took the stove apart and cleaned it inside and out (whew!).  The same with the stove exhaust fan (double whew!).  This is going to take me several weekends to get done with the kitchen and my dye area (dining area), but it is going to look so good.  I’ve already taken a bunch of stuff to Goodwill, and I will have a bunch more stuff to take when I get done.

This feel really good to do.  I swear deep cleaning is therapy in a way.  Cleaning out grime and cobwebs and getting rid of stuff just makes the place seem lighter.  Even the cats know to stay out of my way when I am in this mood. 🙂