Jul 11
Helping fellow craftmen
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Gregory Patrick is an amazing man.  He’s not had the easiest life, but he is striving to make things work by knitting teddy bears and selling them.  Yes, you heard correctly, he makes his living knitting and selling teddy bears.


Isn’t that just the cutest bear?

I have bought two of them, and so has Sandy.  They are well made and make lovely gifts or just are nice to have around as a sweet beary friend.  He also makes bunnies and, I think, cats!

So, go to his site, read about him and what he is doing, and help support a fellow craftman by buying a bear from him or purchase the pattern so you can make your own.  I know he’ll appreciate it every which way he can.

Jul 11

Yes, I caved.  That’s all I can say.  I have been told many, MANY times that we need to be on Facebook, so I gave in and did it.  I still have no idea what I am doing, and there is a huge learning curve going on, but if you could be so kind and to friend us on Facebook, then I can figure out how to friend you back and you can keep up with all of the stuff we are doing there as well as on the Dyed in the Wool site, maybe more.  I’m not sure as I really have no idea what I am doing – yet.

How is that for vague and convoluted?

Here is where we are.  Thank you!