Jul 11
Helping fellow craftmen
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Gregory Patrick is an amazing man.  He’s not had the easiest life, but he is striving to make things work by knitting teddy bears and selling them.  Yes, you heard correctly, he makes his living knitting and selling teddy bears.


Isn’t that just the cutest bear?

I have bought two of them, and so has Sandy.  They are well made and make lovely gifts or just are nice to have around as a sweet beary friend.  He also makes bunnies and, I think, cats!

So, go to his site, read about him and what he is doing, and help support a fellow craftman by buying a bear from him or purchase the pattern so you can make your own.  I know he’ll appreciate it every which way he can.

Jul 11

Yes, I caved.  That’s all I can say.  I have been told many, MANY times that we need to be on Facebook, so I gave in and did it.  I still have no idea what I am doing, and there is a huge learning curve going on, but if you could be so kind and to friend us on Facebook, then I can figure out how to friend you back and you can keep up with all of the stuff we are doing there as well as on the Dyed in the Wool site, maybe more.  I’m not sure as I really have no idea what I am doing – yet.

How is that for vague and convoluted?

Here is where we are.  Thank you!


Jul 10
New Daily Comic
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Local comic artist, David Reddick, has started a new daily Comic called Intelligent Life.  As a true nerd, I think it is pretty close to life and love it.  See what you think.

David has written and drawn Legend of Bill – Bill the Barbarian for years, and that is another piece of genius that I enjoyed.

You’ve seen David’s work for years but didn’t know it.  He also draws the daily Garfield comic.  This is one busy man, folks!

Jul 9
Joyfully Spinning
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Lori, a student in my Spinning I class learned more about using her wheel last night and managed to get a skein plied and wet-set as well.  This is her very first finished yarn, slightly damp, but all hers.

Lori skein

She was very proud of it and had enough of the blue and white still to make another skein to go with this one.  Looking at it, we both believe she has enough to knit a hat from it.

I love helping a person create their first real yarn.  It is very satisfying to see their joy and to see their pride in their accomplishment.  And she has homework, too.  Work more on plying and to spin a multi-colored single to learn Navajo plying next month.  She’s going to do just fine.

Jul 8

Imagine all of the different breeds of sheep out there.  Now think of the ones you have spun.  What haven’t you had the chance to spin that you would like to?  Sandy and I are looking to expand the breeds of sheep wool that we sell, but want to make sure what we get is something you all want to try or use.  So, look at your stashes, think it over and let me know.

Or is there something you have spun and loved, but can’t find?  That would count, too.


Jul 7

Yes, I’ve been very quiet this past week.  Why?  Well, let me tell you.

While Scott and I were at the Derby City Comic Con, the artist and his wife at the table behind us, brought their 5 small children (small as in 8 and under).  That’s not so bad, but they were all sick.  Yes, rather than get a babysitter, they brought five small, sick kids to a public event.  He even bragged how he was the only one in his family not sick.

So, needless to say, on Tuesday morning, I woke up with a sore throat and it all went down hill from there.  My July 4th was spent in bed sleeping, drinking lots of fluids and going through tissues like rain through a leaky roof.

So, my rant is this.  If you have small children and they are sick, please either get a baby sitter or stay home with them.  Please do not bring them to a public event to spread their germs around to everyone attending.  No one want to be subjected to their germs.  None of us want to get sick from your thoughtlessness.  I can guarantee the kids would have been more comfortable at home instead of sprawled all over the dirty floor in a convention hall, too.

If I sound a little put out, well, I am.  I had plans for last weekend that I had been looking forward to, and getting sick really was not how I wanted to spend my three-day weekend.

Okay, my rant is over now.  I do hope everyone else had a great 4th weekend and lots of hotdogs, hamburgers and ice cream was eaten.  And, on the plus side, I am at my lowest weight in many a long year.  Having no appetite helped in that area.

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