Jul 31

Right now, about the only time I get to knit is on my lunch hours, but I eat fast and can knit quite a bit for the rest of the hour.

making progress

I didn’t get to knit yesterday, but on Tuesday, I added about 1.5″ to my sock.  We’ll see after today’s lunch.

I have one questions for those of you who knit toe-up socks.  When do you start the heel?  I’m doing the Sweet Tomato Heel for this sock, but I have no idea when I need to begin it.  Help!!!

Don’t forget that Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair is this weekend in Newark, Ohio.  Dyed in the Wool will be there and Sandy and I’d love to meet those who live in that area or who drive over for a day of fibery fun.

2014 MOFF postcard

Have a great day!!

Jul 29

Several years ago, I tried to knit a sock from the toe up, but the “wrap & turn” technique just left holes along side the toe and I gave up long before I reached the heel.  I hated it!  Last night, I got onto Youtube and tried Judy’s Magic Cast On and used the “knit one in the front and back of the same stitch” technique of increasing to give it another try.  Why?  Because I’d like to knit socks with more of my handspun without risking running out of yarn and toe up is the best chance for this.

Gynx Fairy

I am really pleased with how this turned out.  There are no holes along the toe increases and I am now on the foot portion with a 2-2 rib on the top.  When I get to the heel, I plan to use Cat Bordhi’s Sweet Tomato Heel.

By the way, the yarn I am using is from Gynx Yarns and it is her Fairy colorway on her Strong Sock base. And if you like podcasts, Gynx’s are really good!!

gynx label

I fell in love with this color in her shop a year or so ago, and am just now getting around to knitting it into socks.  Just for information’s sake, I cast on 6 on each of two needles using Judy’s Magic Cast On and increased up to 64 stitches using size 2 needles.  I’ve tried them on and they fit pretty good over the toe and onto the foot.  I like having ribbing on the top of the foot to give it a snugger fit without having to drop to smaller needles, but if I do plain old stockinette feet, I drop down to a size 1 or 1.5.

One thing Scott and I share is a passion for learning.  We’ve watched nearly all of the Time Team episodes on YouTube and have gotten a real education on British archaeology.  Also, I have been watching documentaries on cooking, dressing and the lives of real people from Tudor times up through WWII. I’ll gather up the links of the documentaries I have been watching and get them posted.  I just wish the US was as good at things types of things as the British are.

There are a lot more things I want to learn how to do.  Now just to find the time. 🙂

Jul 28

My birthday week was quiet and anti-climatic, which is fine by me.  I worked, I cleaned house, I cooked and I slept.

Other than that, nothing else is going on.  Sandy and I will be at Mid-Ohio Fiber Festival August 2nd & 3rd and I am in the process of getting everything ready for that.

Sometimes quiet is very good.

Jul 25
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Sometimes you have to go by how the wool feels and spins up more than the breed of the sheep.  Today’s Fiber of the Day is from a mutt sheep, but, goodness, she makes nice wool, and she’s a lovely dark brown color, too.  10% off the final 7 ounces from last year’s fleece using the discount code on the post.


I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I have a busy one planned, but when don’t I?

Also, remember that Sandy and I with Dyed in the Wool will be at Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair next weekend, August 2 and 3, so if you are in that vicinity, come and check out all of the fiber we have and get some colorful tie-dye as well.  The tie-dye will be 20% off at the fair only (except for purses and bags) so here is your chance to get some cool shirts, socks, shoe laces, scrunchies and baby items.

Jul 24


I hope everyone has a great day!

Jul 21

Beginning today and through midnight on Friday, July 25th, we are going to be celebrating my 50th birthday, which is this week.  Just use the discount code BENITAIS50 and save 15% EVERYTHING in the shop.

So, Happy Birthday to Me!



Jul 18

In Wednesday night’s Spinning III class, my two advanced students continued to work on spinning enough of a consistent yarn for their upcoming projects. Brenda is planning to do each of her three plies with different fibers – one Cormo, one Corriedale, and one alpaca. Then, once they have been plied together, she wants to dye them (she’s thinking indigo right now) to see how each fiber takes the dye differently before knitting the yarn up. Since she has to spin up a total of about 1200 yards, she has a lot more spinning to do.

Pat, on the other hand, had spun up enough of her fiber to chain-ply so she could see if she were close to getting gauge. She did it! Now just to keep spinning the same weight and keep it consistent.

Brenda also brought two items with her. One was some spun poodle fur.


It is a bit scratchy, but she wants to make a place mat out of it, so the scratchiness won’t make a bit of difference in the finished item.

The second thing that Brenda brought was some alpaca that she had bought so I could show her how to wash it. She and Pat both watched and got involved in washing the lovely stuff and see what it became!


Isn’t that the fluffiest, prettiest fiber! It is super soft and ought to spin up like a dream.

Half-way through class, Pat announced that she’d like to learn long-draw one day. I asked if she had an empty bobbin with her and she did.


Pretty good for her first try at it, don’t you think?

Pretty soon these two will graduate and no longer need me. I will be sad when that day arrives.

Jul 17
Something New!
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Starting today and continuing for the foreseeable future, the 12AM YARNO number on Dyed in the Wool will be a Fiber of the Day with a discount code to get 10% off that fiber for that day only.

For example: Today’s Fiber of the Day is:

Cormo pin-drafted top - Item #D-RV-14-0001
Cormo pin-drafted top – Item #D-RV-14-0001
This absolutely beautiful top is a blend of three different Cormo fleeces, Rufus (the 2013 Indiana State Fair Grand Champion), Jacob and Katie. Seriously, when we bought these fleeces, we could not tell them apart, so we had them washed and processed together. This Cormo is so soft, you can make baby clothes from it and the baby would smile at its softness. It dyes easily, spins like a dream and would make anything from a filmy lace shawl to warm hats and scarves. Price is for 4 ounces.
Available Qty: 57
Price: $14.00

For 10% off this fiber today only – Coupon Code: 071714FOTD.  This means that for today only, the is $12.60 for 4 ounces.

So here is your chance to get some lovely spinning fiber on sale each day.

Jul 14

So, I started a page on Facebook for Dyed in the Wool, but I couldn’t see how to invite friends or any of that sort of thing.  Yesterday, I sat down with Scott and had him show me how to use it, and I found out I set up the wrong sort of thing.  Well, rats!

So, I set up a Benita Story Facebook site that links to Dyed in the Wool.  So, between the two of them, I hope to be able to get more done.  If you are on Facebook, please send me a friend request, then go to the Dyed in the Wool page and like it.  Things are about to gear up a little more on Dyed in the Wool and I don’t think you are going to miss what is going on.

I will warn you, though, both site are mostly for fiber related things – more of an extension of my blog – than anything family or personal related.  I want a place where I can connect more with potential students for classes, venues to teach at and people who own fiber animals and need an outlet for their wool.

I still don’t know how to use Facebook very well, but I am learning.

Other than that, I had a busy weekend.  I have started either spring cleaning late or fall cleaning early.  I am working in my kitchen and have started at the ceiling and am working my way down. I pulled down all of the decorative items from the tops of the cabinets, washed them, washed the tops of the cabinets, washed the walls and gotten rid of a bunch of cobwebs.  Then I completely took the stove apart and cleaned it inside and out (whew!).  The same with the stove exhaust fan (double whew!).  This is going to take me several weekends to get done with the kitchen and my dye area (dining area), but it is going to look so good.  I’ve already taken a bunch of stuff to Goodwill, and I will have a bunch more stuff to take when I get done.

This feel really good to do.  I swear deep cleaning is therapy in a way.  Cleaning out grime and cobwebs and getting rid of stuff just makes the place seem lighter.  Even the cats know to stay out of my way when I am in this mood. 🙂

Jul 12

Then here’s a chance to help them make an 11-minute video in color called “Off the the Vet.”  I think a Simon’s Cat plushie would be awesome!!

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