Jun 23

We have been having lots of issues with Bettie the PT Cruiser, lately.  The AC has been worked on several times, and we and the mechanic have given up ever getting it to work again.  Luckily, the work has been covered under the warranty of our getting it fixed last year, but still it is a summer and it is steamy and not having AC is not fun.  In fact, I found out it can be dangerous because if it is raining really hard, you can’t roll the windows down and with no AC you can’t defrost the windows and it fogs up really bad.  In the short drive from my office to where Scott works, it had fogged up so much that I was having to continually wipe the inside of the windshield just to see out of it enough to drive.

And, besides that, there are other issues with her that need to be addressed that were just the last straw because they equal over $1,000 and I just don’t feel like putting that amount into a car with 240,000 miles under her timing belt.

So, I started doing research.  I already knew I wanted a Honda CR-V, and I knew I needed to get a good used one to fit into my budget.  After looking at the inventory of all of the local Honda dealerships for a low-mileage, 1-owner, Honda certified car, I finally found the one that fit all of the items on my check list.

new car 1

And here she is!  She is a 2011 Honda CR-V.  She was a leased vehicle (and was very well maintained) with less then 35,000 miles on her, very clean, new tires (as of Oct 2013), new brakes (part of the Honda certification) and not black, white, red or silver.  In fact, I really wanted a brown one, but the one they had there that was brown had more mileage and was a 2013 – that’s a lot of miles on so new a vehicles – and the second owner of it kept it only three months and I had to wonder why.  So I have a pretty green car, and I love her.

new car2

I have not named her yet, but I will.  The right name just hasn’t popped into my head, yet.

But isn’t she pretty?  And her AC works just fine, thank you very much!  🙂