Jun 19

Heather works at Starstruck Cat Studio where I teach three spinning classes a month.  She has been spinning on a drop spindle and wanted to learn how to spin on a wheel, so she borrowed the shop’s Ladybug for last night’s class.


I honestly don’t think I’ve seen someone grasp a wheel as quickly as Heather did.  Getting the hang of treadling and drafting at the same time didn’t faze her for more than a few minutes.


By the end of the 2 hour class, this is what she was doing.  Mind you, she has been spinning on a drop spindle, so she was already familiar with drafting.  Also, she started out spinning right-handed, but switched to being a left-handed spinner like I am about half way through and found it much easier.

She won this


fiber – Dyed in the Wool’s Butterscotch BLF – from being the latest YARNO winner, and she is really looking forward to spinning it up.  I look forward to seeing it turned into nice yarn as well.

Great job, Heather!!!