Jun 11
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There were lots and lots of wonderful things available to purchase at the Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival, and I did come home with a few items.  First, my early birthday present from Sandy (as in about 6 weeks early, but she knew I could make use of it now):


This bag was purchased at Lunabud Knits and it is large and has many, many interior pockets.  It holds not only my little purse, but my knitting, paperwork, and other day-to-day supplies.  I am calling it my portable office.  Sandy is such an awesome friend!

marsupial mugs

I purchased these two tea mugs with little pockets for your used tea bag from Paw Paw Pottery in Beech Grove, Indiana.  I wish I could find a better link on the web for them because they had lots of lovely items.  John Todd is the potter.  Scott calls these our “marsupial mugs” because they have pouches.

And lastly, while I didn’t get this at Hoosier Hills, I saw it there and told myself that if it didn’t sell by the time I got to class Tuesday night, that I would get it.


Guess what?  It didn’t sell!  I am showing it next to a water bottle so you can see how big it is.  I bought it at Starstruck Cat Studio, where I teach, in Greenwood, Indiana.  It is from a pottery in Kentucky and they make beautiful and useful items.  This is going to be my hot tea mug for work and retire my Longaberger one to home use.  It’s nice to have beautiful, hand-crafted items to use.

That’s what I got, but there was so much more I wanted.