Jun 10

Last night, when I got home from work and running several errands, I decided I deserved a bit of time to rest until Scott got home from work at 8:30.  I began perusing YouTube looking for the kind of documentaries I like best when I stumbled across a British documentary series called The Victorian Kitchen. Each Episode is only 1/2 an hour in length, but they are a real eye opener.  So, I decided to share them with you.

Episode 1 – Introduction

Episode 2 – Breakfast

Episode 3 – Luncheon

Episode 4 – Afternoon Tea

Episode 5 – Not on YouTube

Episode 6 – Dinner

Episode 7 – Not on YouTube

Episode 8 – The Dinner Party

Talking about the making of The Victorian Kitchen

If anyone knows where I can watch episodes 5 and 7, I’d really appreciate knowing.