Jun 8

Sandy and I did a full inventory today so I could update the Dyed in the Wool shop for everything that sold tonight.  All I can say is, “WOW!”  It is amazing at how many items I had to remove from inventory and how much I had to change the amounts of the spinning fiber left.

I still have all of the new inventory items to add to the shop, but the pictures have been taken and I just need to process them and get everything added.  This may take a few days because there are a lot of items across several categories.

Thank you everyone who came to the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival and to the Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival.  You made a bunch of fiber vendors very happy indeed!

Jun 8

First, I want to say how great the weather was Friday and Saturday – sunny, in the upper 70’s to low 80’s – just what late spring days should be.  And perfect for being at a fiber festival.


This was our booth this year.  Notice we aren’t in one of the barns?  Actually, as nice as the weather was, being in the barn would not have been a hardship this year, but getting into Scott Hall is a nice boost for us.  The food is here (the Girl Scouts were serving some of the best BBQ Pork and vegetable soup I have had in a while), the rest rooms are here and there is entertainment to listen to as we talked, shopped and measured out wool.


These ladies playing music were wonderful!  I love dulcimers.  Scott was with me on Friday and he went over to ask them questions before they got started and they invited him to sit in with them with one of the guitars.  He was hesitant at first, but with enough encouragement, he sat down, played and sang House of the Rising Sun to their accompaniment, and they all enjoyed themselves very much.  They made Scott’s day.

Friday was very busy and at several points of the day, we had a line for the fiber with me weighing it out and Scott writing up tickets and taking money as fast as we could.  We sold out of three more fibers and several are down to just a few ounces left.  Sandy and I will be doing our inventory today and I’ll have Dyed in the Wool updated in a couple of days.

Saturday started out slowly and it was a completely different crowd.  Friday was a fiber buying crowd and Saturday was a tie-dye buying crowd for us.  Once again, I am so happy that we have something for both fiber people and for non fiber people in our booth.

Friday, I did not get the chance to walk around at all (and only one trip to the restroom),but Saturday morning, while it was still slow, Sandy and I took turns seeing what others had and who all was there.


Mary Ann Habeeb was there with her A Good Yarn.

trading post

Susan Markle’s Trading Post for Fiber Arts was there.


Lovely Stephanie from Lunabud Knits was there.  (See that bright orange bag above the lady in white?  Sandy is now the proud owner of it.)

robin edmondson

Robin Edmundson was there with her lovely hand-dyed yarns and fibers.  Robin taught me to spin on a drop spindle what seems like a donkey’s age ago.  She doesn’t look any older, but I sure do.


Starstruck Cat Studio was there and it looks like I will be teaching a sock knitting class there in September – Yay!!

And there were many, many others there as well.






And there was at least one demonstration going on as well.

sistermaid russian

Sistermaide was making a Russian Spindle on a lathe and one lucky person watching won it, too!


And one of my students, Paula, won 1st place with her newbie yarn.  That made me feel so happy!  Paula has taken to spinning on her wheel like a duck to water.

In fact, so many of my students (past, present and future – several signed up for classes while there) were there that I was running into them everywhere.  I love knowing that I have helped them get hooked on fiber.

After Sandy and I get inventory done, I’ll take a picture of my swag and show it to you tomorrow.


I’ll leave you with a cloud-watching sheep.  This one has been on my right-hand ring finger all weekend and is my favorite of the sheep I painted on my nails for this weekend.  Not bad for having been painted with my left hand, eh?