Jun 2
2014 Indy PopCon
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This weekend was the 1st IndyPopCon and I have tons of pictures to share with you as well as some stories.


First, our booth.  A couple of up-front things that the organizers did right were having black table covers and shirts for the show.  We didn’t have to get out our table cloth this way.  Also, 8 foot tables!  Some shows have gone down to 6 foot tables to fit more people in, but they make for a very cramped surface.  And they had plenty of room behind the tables for banners and people to move around without disturbing other artists.  Again, some shows barely have 4 feet behind the tables and I have been at many shows where artists have had to scoot past in order to get out – rather like being in the middle of a full row at the movie theater.  This was much better.


And here is what I got to do most of the weekend.  I now have a bobbin and a half of this reddish merino/silk blend.  There are 8 ounces total to spin and I am about 3/4 of the way done.  See that young lady sitting next to me?  Her name is Bekah Crowmer and she was at a talk that Scott and I gave to a group of high schoolers at the Noblesville library several years ago.  Well, she took what Scott had said to heart and went to Heron School of Art and is now a very talented artist in her own right.  She made me very proud on Saturday.  A 13 year old girl came by and wanted Bekah to give her a review on her art and I sat and listened as she went over the art with the girl and gave her some very sound advice.  What Scott has done for the past 20 years is now being done by those he mentored.  It was very moving for me.

Erica booth

And this is Erica Cunningham and her booth – her first show.  She did very well and both Scott and I ended up getting something from her.  She is another young lady we have known for several years watching her grow as a artist.  Since I am not a mom, I love getting to watch these kids grow into adults and I am just so proud of them.


And there was some music – a ukulele player going around and taking requests…


…and a bagpiper – although he looks more like a hillbilly than a Scotsman.

But the best pictures were of the people dressed up.  There was a costume contest Saturday night and while I never did find out who won, these were some of my favorites.


Big Boy all grown up and with tattoos and an earring.  He was very funny and really was enjoying posing for pictures.

nazgul king

The King of the Nazgul from The Lord of the Rings.  He made everything in his costume and showed us how he did it.  The detailing on it was absolutely spot-on from the movie, too.  My favorite adult costume of the weekend, hands-down!


This young lady made her costume, too, and she said it weighed 16 pounds, including the crenoline and petticoats.


Two tables down from us was a company who made costumes and they had one of Deadpool on a mannequin.  I loved this guy in the Deadpool costume checking out the costume on the mannequin.


And my favorite kid’s costume.  This little miss (about 6 or 7 years old) was wearing a costume that her parents had made.  She couldn’t walk 3 feet without someone wanting to get her picture.  A friend of mine, Amanda Gilliam who was working at the Super Mom booth (owned by the wonderful Scott Bachmann) is a huge Godzilla nut (okay, she’s just a nut, but she really loves Godzilla, too), so I told the child’s parents to make sure they go past the Super Mom booth so Amanda could see her.  They did and Amanda went nuts.  She was so thrilled that she got to hug Godzilla. (By the way, Scott B and Amanda went to see Godzilla after the show on Saturday, and they both hated it.  They said it was boring and Godzilla was in it for all of 5 minutes – and then they cut off the fight scene between it and another monster.  So, it sounds like a “Don’t bother.”)


There was a booth selling knitted and crocheted afghans – this knitted one of Spiderman’s web,…


…and this crocheted one of Captain America’s shield.  If you are interested in these, let me know as I have the contact information of the lady who makes these.


How is that for a sweet ride to a pop culture con?  Yes, it’s one of the replica Batmobiles.  This was after the show on Sunday as we were all leaving.

And I saved the best picture for last.  When I saw this, I had to get a picture because the irony of it cracked me (and a lot of others) up.


I have never seen Darth Vader look so patient.

We had a fun weekend, to say the least.