Jun 30
2014 Derby City Comic Con
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This past weekend, Scott and I were at the Derby City Comic Con – the first time it has ever been a two-day show.


Because we are on a very tight budget (thanks to having to get Laurel a year sooner than I had intended), we spent only Saturday night in Louisville, driving down Saturday morning and leaving after the show last night. Driving down Saturday morning and getting there in time to unload and set up prior to the 9AM opening meant getting up at 3:15 AM and being on the road by 4:00. Dark and early.


This early – and this was after he had slept most of the trip down. Poor Scott. It took a couple of large, black coffees to wake him up enough to interact with people.

Saturday was a pretty good day. Sales were great and people were in great moods and having fun. The artists on either side of us were super nice, which makes it that much more enjoyable. Our table was on the first row and across from the staging area where they had the costume contest each day – Saturday for the adults and Sunday for the kids.

Usually, there are quite a few star wars storm troopers, a Darth Vader or two and several rebel soldiers there with the 501st Legion, but not at this show. Instead, we had


lots and lots of people dressed in steampunk,


including this steam-punk werewolf who bought one of Scott’s Father Wolf posters. We figured it must have been one of his ancestors. Actually, the cos-player loved the poster and wanted it pretty badly when he saw it. Nicest werewolf I have ever met. 🙂


For the contest, this young lady won first place for “Best Representation of a Character – Advanced Class” with her Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.


She said it took her over 200 hours to make her dragon and she did a marvelous job of it. It was beautiful!


Although he didn’t win anything, this man said he lost 30 pounds over the summer building his helmet and rocket pack for this Rocketeer costume. Dave Stevens would have been so proud of it!


And this robot was built using recycled materials and $15 purchased parts – look at what all he used. Impressive!


This young lady wasn’t there on Saturday and wasn’t a part of the costume contest, but she should have been. She hand-dyed turkey feathers and hand crafted her complete costume. The iridescence on them was really nice.


This was one of the kids in the Sunday contest and she/he was so cute in it. I walked over to the line, said, “Hey, Minion!” and got this. Adorable!!!

Scott was smart and took today off work to catch up both on sleep and to go and bring the boys home from the vet where they were boarded over the weekend. It was too quiet at home when we arrived and I can’t wait to see them tonight.

Scott and I have several plans in works from Story Studios for the future. We are changing directions slightly (don’t worry Johnny Saturn readers, JS will continue beginning this fall), but we have a lot of details to work out before anything happens.

Thank you, Chuck Moore, for putting on Derby City Comic Con. As usual, it was a blast!

Jun 26

The June 25th episode (110) of the Yarnspinners Tales’ podcast is a review of the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival and she talks about all of the vendors that were there as well as the festival itself.

The part where Cindy Williams talks about our Dyed in the Wool booth is beginning at the 26:00 mark, but please listen to all of it.  She covers the festival pretty well (you can tell she loved the shearing and animal area and seeing it all through her little grandson’s eyes).

This is a new-to-me podcast, but I’m going to make it part of my regular listening.  And I am going to have to go back and listen to her catalog and get caught up – since this is her 110th episode, this will keep me entertained for quite a long time.

And thank you to Cindy from Delighted Hands for pointing this out to me so I could hear it.

Jun 25
Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair
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2014 MOFF postcard

Sandy and I will be at the Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair with Dyed in the Wool – Lovely wool for spinning or felting, tie dyed clothing and accessories (20% off at the show only) and my sock patterns and kits.  Also, we still have two copies left of Leigh Tate’s 5 Acres & A Dream book.  If you live in Ohio, please come and visit us the first weekend in August.

Jun 24
And… She has a name!
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I knew I wanted something “nature-y” for my new car’s name, so I looked up botanical girl names and one really struck me as feeling right – Laurel, a nice green plant used to make wreaths in ancient Rome.  Then I found out that Laurel means Peace and Success, and I knew I had it.  Then because I called Bettie “Bettie Lou” a lot, I wanted Laurel to have a middle name and since I bought her in June and June was my maternal grandmother’s middle name, I sounded Laurel June out and liked it.

So, I dubbed her Laurel June.


Jun 23

We have been having lots of issues with Bettie the PT Cruiser, lately.  The AC has been worked on several times, and we and the mechanic have given up ever getting it to work again.  Luckily, the work has been covered under the warranty of our getting it fixed last year, but still it is a summer and it is steamy and not having AC is not fun.  In fact, I found out it can be dangerous because if it is raining really hard, you can’t roll the windows down and with no AC you can’t defrost the windows and it fogs up really bad.  In the short drive from my office to where Scott works, it had fogged up so much that I was having to continually wipe the inside of the windshield just to see out of it enough to drive.

And, besides that, there are other issues with her that need to be addressed that were just the last straw because they equal over $1,000 and I just don’t feel like putting that amount into a car with 240,000 miles under her timing belt.

So, I started doing research.  I already knew I wanted a Honda CR-V, and I knew I needed to get a good used one to fit into my budget.  After looking at the inventory of all of the local Honda dealerships for a low-mileage, 1-owner, Honda certified car, I finally found the one that fit all of the items on my check list.

new car 1

And here she is!  She is a 2011 Honda CR-V.  She was a leased vehicle (and was very well maintained) with less then 35,000 miles on her, very clean, new tires (as of Oct 2013), new brakes (part of the Honda certification) and not black, white, red or silver.  In fact, I really wanted a brown one, but the one they had there that was brown had more mileage and was a 2013 – that’s a lot of miles on so new a vehicles – and the second owner of it kept it only three months and I had to wonder why.  So I have a pretty green car, and I love her.

new car2

I have not named her yet, but I will.  The right name just hasn’t popped into my head, yet.

But isn’t she pretty?  And her AC works just fine, thank you very much!  🙂

Jun 19

Heather works at Starstruck Cat Studio where I teach three spinning classes a month.  She has been spinning on a drop spindle and wanted to learn how to spin on a wheel, so she borrowed the shop’s Ladybug for last night’s class.


I honestly don’t think I’ve seen someone grasp a wheel as quickly as Heather did.  Getting the hang of treadling and drafting at the same time didn’t faze her for more than a few minutes.


By the end of the 2 hour class, this is what she was doing.  Mind you, she has been spinning on a drop spindle, so she was already familiar with drafting.  Also, she started out spinning right-handed, but switched to being a left-handed spinner like I am about half way through and found it much easier.

She won this


fiber – Dyed in the Wool’s Butterscotch BLF – from being the latest YARNO winner, and she is really looking forward to spinning it up.  I look forward to seeing it turned into nice yarn as well.

Great job, Heather!!!

Jun 17

Scott’s take on the Blog Hop.

Currently, it is hot and muggy here in central Indiana.  Summer may not arrive until later this week, but the temperatures definitely are summer-like.

I’ll leave you with a photo from my archives that I took at the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Fair in 2011.  I don’t know who this sweetie is or who she belongs to (Kathy? Sara?), but I love that face!

2011 KS&FF

Stay cool!

Jun 16
Fiber at Spring Mill
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I lucked out last Sunday at Spring Mill because it was a Fiber Event weekend.  I started out over at one of the residences where a gentleman who works at Spring Mill set up some of the wheels he has restored.

restored wheels

I thought I had gotten a picture of him telling me about them, but the picture must have not taken.  That is happening more and more with my camera, but it has been used a lot and is beginning to show its age.

Also, on a table, he had this:

salesman sample wheel

This is a salesman’s sample and the older man believed it was from the 1850’s.  It did not belong to him, but to another employee of Spring Mill (and someone I happen to know from fiber festivals).  He’s going to make a couple of bobbins for it.  Isn’t it a beaut?


This lady was spinning the Shetland you see at the bottom left of the picture – raw.  Sorry, but I love my wheel too much to feed it anything but washed wool to spin.  Still, it was a nice, dual-coated Shetland in a deep black.


Under one of the shade trees in the yard was this lady quilting on a quilt.  I spoke with her for a while and she was really sweet and friendly.

In the building that is behind Scott in the picture of him yesterday is the Granny White House and inside there was several different wheels and a large loom.


One of the wheels was a very interesting specimen – one that I had read about, but never seen in person.  A Trolley Spinning Wheel!


I did a search online, and came up with a couple of articles on them.  Here’s one, and here’s another.

I wish this one had been out and working because I would have love to see it in use.

The Sheek House (Weaver’s House) was built in another location not too far from the park in the early 1800’s.  In one of the outbuildings was a loom owned by the Sheek family and when the house was dismantled and relocated and brought to Spring Mill Village, the loom was brought with it and installed in the main room of the house.


It is still in use today.  Small world side note: When I was in college, my roommate my final year was a girl named Sandy Sullivan (not my business partner, but still a good friend today).  Sandy and I do genealogical research together and have been for over 20 years.  She discovered that she descends from this same Sheek family and that her ancestors wove on that loom.  Needless to say, I brought her down to Spring Mill and took her to see her ancestor’s home as well as the loom. Cool, huh?

In another room of this house, an older gentleman was spinning on a walking wheel.

walking wheel

Before a family with children came in, he and I talked about spinning and about the different tools used.  He was as fascinated with the subject as I am.  Then a family with three children came in and I stood back.  Here he is demonstrating how the wheel works to the children.


Then he “helped” one of the girls spin on it.  She thought it was magic and he sent her home with the plied-on-itself bit of yarn she had spun.  One day, I hope she remembers this and learns how to spin for real.



Jun 15

Today was my family’s reunion at Spring Mill State Park.  Scott and I drove down early to get in some time at the village before the gathering began and while it was still cool.


I grew up very close to Spring Mill and it will always be a favorite place for me to visit.  I love this place.  I love the feel, smell, sights, sounds, just all of it.

Scott has been working hard lately at his very physical job and with trying to get the next graphic novel ready for printing.  His opportunity to just do art for art’s sake comes less and less these days, and I wanted him to have the chance to just draw.

over scotts shoulder

And this is the angle he chose.  You can see why.  It is a beautiful old mill, the stream running next to us sang merrily and the shade felt wonderful.


Lots of people stopped by to see what he was doing and Scott enjoyed talking with them all.  We were there a total of 3 hours.


Most of the time I sat and spun, but there was a fiber arts event going on there, so when it got started, I put my shoes back on and trotted over to check it and other things out.  I’ll have to show these to you tomorrow because I took a ton of pictures and I’m too tired this evening to get them all sorted and the ones I want to use processed.


Finally, an accurate color of what I am spinning.  It says it is Raspberry, but I think it looks more like a very ripe watermelon.  The silk in it is undyed and was sparkling in the sunlight as I spun.

I haven’t been this relaxed in a long time.

Jun 12
New Stuff
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I have been spending time getting new tie-dyed items up in Dyed in the Wool.  For one, we have new shirts as well as some new scrunchies and a new hat (I really like the hat and have almost stolen it several times – and we started out with several more hats before the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival, but hats are hot sellers this year).  I also have lots and lots of new shoe laces in lots and lots of new colors to upload, but when I was processing the pictures, I ended up with one more inventory number than I had pictures.  You know what that means?  Yep!  I messed up someplace.  Rats!  Now, we have to do an item by item comparison with the photos to see which one is missing and make sure the number assigned to each picture really goes with it.  I can be such an idiot at times.  I tried to figure out how to blame it on Sandy, but I was the one taking the photos and since it is a photo missing,…  🙂

So, while you ca see the new shirts, scrunchies and a new hat, it’s gonna be a couple of days before you can see the new shoe laces.  Sorry…

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