May 28

Last night, in the Spinning II class at Starstruck Cat Studio, Tina arrived first and could not wait to show me what she had been spinning.  To say this lady practices is an understatement – and it shows.

For starters, she loves lace-weight yarn and it has been her goal to spin and ply a nice lace-weight.  Here is what she has so far:

tina's white

I think she said this was Shetland.  Pretty good, isn’t it?  it hasn’t been washed, yet, so I can’t wait to see it after it has been to see what the yarn does.

tina's black

I don’t remember what this is, but I really like it.  I’d love to see this washed and knitted up into a lacy swatch to see how it looks.  Update: Tina just emailed me and said this is the Lincoln lamb that we sell at Dyed in the Wool (Shetland Lamb Roving – D-RV-13-0026) and she is wanting to spin up enough for a shawl.  

Tina's pet

And, this is Tina’s pet.  She fell in love with the purple in this and plied it with the same single as in the first picture above.  I don’t think it will become anything and remain a ball.  I can understand as it is a lovely bit of yarn.

Tina and Marta had homework for this month’s lesson – to spin two 2-plies with each single being a different color and to spin a long single with different colors in it.  The two 2-plies were used to do a cable ply:

marta's first cable ply

Didn’t Marta’s cable turn out great?  She said it is her new favorite plying method and she just loved the yarn.

learning to navajo ply

And Marta getting the hang of Navajo plying.  I can see lots of left over singles being used to practice Navajo plying in the future.

Next month’s home work is to spin a single each of superwash BFL and a normal BFL, ply them together, then mistreat them by working them in hot water, shocking it in cold and beating the yarn up to get the BFL to shrink to show the difference between it and the superwashed version.  Then knit up a swatch.  Sound familiar? Yes, the Spinning III class recently had the same homework.

Also, next month, I am going to show them how to spin flax and how to spin using a long-draw.  What fun this is!

As a parting note, I am still experimenting with painting my nails with sheep.  This is the best one this week.


I love how the sheep is grazing on this one.  Still more ideas to work out before Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival in June.  This weekend, though, I intend to be sporting Saturn-themed nails for Indy PopCon here in Indianapolis.  I hope you can come and check out all of the wonderful comic creators with us in Artists’ Alley.  We are in booth 341.