May 27
New (to us) sheep
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Sandy and I visited a farm in west central Indiana, yesterday, that has Clun Forest sheep to look at a couple of fleeces she had for sale.  Clun Forest is a breed we have never had before and we were pretty happy to find a local breeder, Brenda M.  In fact, she coated a couple of fleeces for us and they were lovely.

svarrta fleece

One of the ewes (named Svarta) is a rare registered black Clun Forest.  Her lamb fleece was much darker, and Brenda decided to keep it (can’t blame her), but she coated Svarta last year for us and we were able to buy her second fleece.  It’s still a nice light gray, and I am looking forward to having it processed into roving.  In case you want to know how rare black Cluns are, this was the first registered one in nine years.  Svarta’s fleece this next year looks like it is going to be nearly as white as the rest of the Cluns.  Too bad, because I really like the gray we bought from her.

The other fleece we bought was from Faith.


Isn’t she pretty?  Brenda is going to coat both these ewes again as well as a couple others.  Yes, Clun Forest sheep are mainly raised for meat, but Brenda also is working on getting nice fleeces out of hers as well.

bottle lamb

This is one of her bottle lambs – one from an older sheep who decided she wanted to raise just one lamb this year, and it wasn’t this ewe lamb.  She is super sweet and friendly and followed Brenda around closely (and probably wondering if it was bottle time yet).


And this is her other bottle lamb – one of quads – born about a month after the one above, but very lively.  Getting her to hold still long enough to get a picture was a challenge.  What a sweet face!


They they are off!  They came running out of the barn like thoroughbreds breaking from the gate at the beginning of a race.  Their guard llama was a bit more stoic about the whole thing and he kept a close eye on Sandy and me. 🙂

So, we will hand these two fleeces (as well as a couple of Cheviot/Perendale crosses, a couple of Shetlands, and who knows what else we end up finding) off to Ohio Valley at Michigan Fiber Festival.  We should get them back sometime in November or early December.  As soon as they get back, I will get them up into the shop because these are fleeces you are going to want to take for a spin.

If you are looking to purchase registered Clun Forest sheep, Brenda has 2 or 3 ewe lambs still for sale.  Contact me if you are interested in talking with her about them and I will give you her email address.