May 22

Last night was the scheduled, monthly Spinning III class.  Unfortunately, it also corresponded with a severe thunderstorm that dumped rain and hail over much of central Indiana.  Flash floods were pretty bad and I had to change my normal route to get to Starstruck Cat Studios – and it took me two hours for a normally one hour drive.

Only one student, Brenda, was able to make it due to the flooding, so we had a one-to-one class.

First she showed me these:

brenda's socks

Her first wearable project made out of hand spun yarn.  It is 50% silk and 50% Merino so they ought to be warm and long wearing for her.  I am very proud of her.  And, yes, she purposefully knitted them up to be opposites.

While at The Fiber Event, she bought three fleeces, a lovely Teeswater that she washed to keep the lock structure, a Cormo and a Cormo/Border Leicester cross.  She also bought a small hackle.  I showed her how to comb out the Teeswater locks on the hackle so she can spin it up and retain that wonderful luster that Teeswater has.

With the Cormo and Cormo/Border Leicester cross, we decided to hand card them for a potential project.

The home work this month is to find a pattern for a wearable item like a sweater vest.  Then they are going to begin spinning the size of yarn required for the pattern, calculating yardage, how much will will be needed, getting the right yarn to knit to gauge, and being very careful to keep the consistency just perfect for an entire project.  And it is to be a three-ply.  Daunting?  Maybe, but as I explained, they have learned to spin for a reason and that is to knit or crochet with it.  Now is their chance to do just that.  Whether Brenda decides to use the fiber she bought for this project (she should have enough) or to choose something else is up to her.

I am very proud of my students.